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The Golden Rule for Your Real Estate Social Media Strategy

real estate social media

Content is King but Consistency is Key

In 2021 your digital presence is more important than ever. Consumers begin (and often end) their search process online and if they’re going to choose to work with you as their real estate agent, your social media, website, and business pages need to be executed flawlessly. You have to build trust, respect, brand recognition, and rapport with your leads.
So, as you’re building your brand following on your website, social media, and business pages, remember the following – content is king, but consistency is key.
When you’re building and executing your social strategy, remember to be consistent in these three specific ways:

1. Consistent Posting

At the end of the day, you don’t want to put a ton of hard work and effort into your digital presence and then have nobody see it. Social media algorithms reward consistency, so it’s important to build a content calendar and share your content in a regular cadence. This will increase the likelihood that your content gets in front of a wider audience.
Remember: Facebook is a passive experience for consumers. They’re scrolling passively and clicking on things that pique their interest, not actively searching. So with your organic and paid advertising, you want to just be a consistent presence in their feed so they become familiar with your brand and feel moved to engage over time.
Not sure how frequently you should be posting and what to post? Here’s the recommended cadence from Jason Pantana, coach, trainer, and speaker for Tom Ferry International.


2. Consistent Branding & Design

This one is pretty simple. You’ve likely already done some work building your brand and brand elements, i.e, website design, logo, color palette, font, graphics, etc. These are all elements of your “brand” and your brand = YOU. So you want your social channels to reflect your brand as accurately as possible. So that when a lead sees your post on Instagram they instantly piece together who you are and what they remember about your business.

Here’s an example of a beautifully consistent and well-branded YouTube Channel by real estate top producer, Tom Toole.

You can see that each playlist has it’s own unique twist but it all folds up nicely into his overarching brand. Video and graphic editing doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive if you’re a single agent or smaller team without a massive marketing budget. Tools like Canva allow you to easily create branded and templated graphics, videos, and animated GIFs quickly.

3. Consistent Tone of Voice

Lastly, consistency in your tone of voice. You are communicating with your target audience and representing your brand so when you’re creating content, remember that it needs to sound like you.
This is particularly important if you are outsourcing any content creation or social media management! If you are the face of your business, everything needs to be approved by you. It should reflect who you are and authentically represent your voice.
A helpful exercise for defining your tone of voice is to come up with some descriptive words and imagery to represent your brand voice. For example; Cobblestone Realty is nurturing, helpful, communicative, service-minded, community-centric, fun, and family-friendly.

Here are some key things to remember about your tone of voice:

  • Be engaging: Have a conversation on social media. Don’t just talk about yourself, ask questions, and speak directly to your audience. Always encourage engagement and action in the comment sections or with likes, shares, etc.
  • Be authentic/be yourself: Don’t try to mimic other brands. Define who you are and what you bring to the table and go with that! It doesn’t have to be all business all the time. People want to get to know you and build trust with you, so don’t be afraid to share photos of your family, your pets, your vacation. Be relatable!
  • Be detail-oriented: Do you have a favorite emoji? Use it, and use it consistently. Tone of voice on social media comes down to the little nuances in how you express yourself.


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