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Being the “Present Real Estate Agent” Your Clients Need

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Last month was the hottest month in housing history, according to Redfin’s March housing report , with median home prices rising 17% annually, and almost 50% of homes selling above asking price (and none selling below). With the trifecta of an underproduction of homes, shifting demographics, and the pandemic, price explosion isn’t relegated to areas that are typically competitive.


Agents across the country are feeling the shockwaves with bidding wars, endless showings, dozens of offers…it’s exhausting. It can feel like you’re losing the game, and even for those that are doing well, there’s no question their workload is in overdrive.


In a recent article Brad Inman shared a comparison between experiences he had with two agents. One constantly on his phone throughout their interaction, texting, talking, handling other business, and the other, tuned in, and visibly acting as a “present agent.”  He noted that the first agent was “dangerously digitized” and threw away the “high-touch advantage.”


So when you’re being pulled in a million different directions, how do you even manage to tune out the deafening noise of other to-dos and tune in as the present agent,  to your clients in front of you?


The right systems in place mean your business can carry on without your constant supervision, and you can confidently be present when your clients need it most. There are 3 major time sucks for most agents, and lead to things that fall through the cracks when you’re out in the field, or keep you glued to your phone:

  • Responding to and nurturing new leads
  • Staying on top of to-dos for multiple deals
  • Engaging and re-engaging your database

Lead Generation Real Estate Plan


Present Agents lock down a system for lead response and nurturing


With so many inquiries coming in while you’re trying to handle active clients, it’s easy for new leads, or those that are further out in the process, to slip through the cracks. But this is not a sustainable system….especially when you’re trying to attract more seller leads too. According to NAR, 50% of those buyer leads were purchasing contingent on selling their property. That’s a lot of potential listings you’re missing.


Too crunched for lead response? This is a huge issue for so many agents. Leverage lead response and nurturing service like BoomTown’s Success Assurance Program. Clients can offload the heavy-lifting of lead response and engagement to our lead concierge team. Our team acts on our clients behalf, so they can extend their service offering, rest assured that inquiries and high interest behaviors are followed up with 24/7 in as little as 90 seconds (how about that speed-to-lead), and nurtured for up to a year, while they get back to focusing on the clients they’re with.


Real Estate Lead Generation

Present agents leverage the right tech to keep their database, lead lifecycles, and transactions on track


You’re probably sick of hearing how critical it is to log and track everything, but it’s imperative to leverage the right CRM to optimize your business, and your sanity. So many agents struggle without the right system to make it easy and automatic.


The right CRM not only helps you track everything (website visits, email open rates, website traffic sources, communication, lead profile details, you-name-it), but it also takes this data and generates predictive insights for you. That means the system actually tells you where to focus, who to contact, when to contact them, and what information to send them.


BoomTown’s CRM tells you who the hot leads who need attention are, what to-dos are the most pressing, and what groups of people in your database should be put on a drip campaign so your marketing and nurturing can go on autopilot. You don’t need to waste time sifting and sorting and manually working your leads and priorities.


Lead Generation Plan

Present Agents lean on marketing tools to take the guesswork out of prospecting, engaging, and re-engaging their database


Make sure you have the tools and teams in place to improve and diversify your current lead sources, and maximize your efforts for your existing database. This way, you’re generating leads, and engaging (and re-engaging, and re-engaging) your database even when you’re completely removed from a screen.


So many of our clients leverage our digital marketing team to handle their paid advertising. Offloading this intricate work, and utilizing a team of digital marketing experts means there’s no need to learn the ins and outs of social media marketing, or spend countless hours monitoring and optimizing campaigns. It’s handled, and you can confidently go about with the rest of your business.


You need tech tools in your marketing arsenal to engage and re-engage your existing database, and market to new clients in an engaging and personalized way too. Automated email, texting, social media marketing, custom landing pages to promote exciting things like new listings, featured properties, a new homebuyer seminar- you name it!


You also need technology to make social media marketing easy. Look for tools that take the guesswork and automate both the ad creation and audience targeting process. We built Marketing Central from the ground up to make it ridiculously simple to create, launch, and monitor campaigns on social media. You want something that can:

  • Build advertising campaigns through channels such as Instagram and Facebook to showcase successfully sold properties. Once you land that listing, use ads to promote open houses and highlight the property.
  • Create powerful retargeting campaigns that generate content a lead would be most interested in, and bring “abandoners” back to your website
  • Leverage built-in reporting to get results in real-time and optimize your ad spend
  • Show your potential seller clients how much exposure their property could receive, and how effectively you can promote it!


It’s hard out there right now, and your clients need you to be the trusted expert more than ever. Arm yourself with the tools and support to confidently be able to focus and deliver, being that present agent when it matters the most.


BoomTown Real Estate Software

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