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Explosive Real Estate Growth Burns. These Systems Scale Sustainable Success.

Opportunity is everywhere right now. But do you have the systems in place to take advantage of them and to ensure your success is undisruptable? Systems maximize your productivity and ensure that you don’t miss important steps in your processes. Time is the only resource we can’t make more of, so you need these proven ways to get more done with less effort.

It can be a helpful exercise to identify weaknesses in your business. Things like:

  • Reaching out to newly registered leads
  • Working your sphere of influence and engaging prospects while you’re dealing with active clients
  • Marketing your new listings in more effective ways

Don’t let this economy of opportunity pass by because you didn’t make time to invest in your future.

Lead Generation Real Estate Plan

A System to Scale your Lead Generation

Savvy agents are leaning hard into lead gen right now. They know the market will shift, inventory will increase, and they want to make sure their pipelines are ready. This is quintessential future-proofing! How are you ranking on the lead generation side? You need a diverse portfolio of sources. Make sure you have the tech and expert teams in place to outrun the competition, and snag leads from every source:

  • Targeted social media ads on Facebook and Instagram to drive leads to your site or capture form
  • A web presence that captures lead info and keeps them coming back for more
  • Landing pages to target specific groups and promote your unique offerings (open houses, new buyer seminars, etc.)

Real Estate Lead Generation

A System to Scale your Lead Follow-up

As your pipeline fills, the needs of your leads don’t lessen. There will be exponentially more qualifying calls, follow-up emails, nurture campaigns… and you need to maintain the crucial speed-to-lead to beat the competition. This isn’t a sustainable model for busy agents. 


But you can offload things like this to experts. You can let qualified folks act as an extension of your business (without making any more hires), and handle your leads for you. This ensures every lead is responded to, 24/7 in as little as 90 seconds. It also ensures that you’re not wasting time chasing cold leads, and instead, working transaction-ready leads, and doing what you do best: closing deals. 


Most people don’t know this is a problem until they’re overworked, burnt out, and their numbers are deteriorating. 


You also need the systems and tools to stay in constant communication with your database.

  • Weekly emails, video messages, or texts to keep you top-of-mind
  • Updates to past buyers about their home values, and a report on market stats, interest rates, re-fi details, etc.
  • e-Alerts for buyers that automatically notifies them of new properties that meet their specific search criteria

Systemizing this communication keeps it consistent, easy to manage, and it builds trust with your database and fuels sustainable success and long-term growth.

Lead Generation Plan

A System to Scale your Accountability

Are you surrounded with a success network? This means people and resources who will drive you further, keep your goals organized and mapped out, and give you the tools and advice to make strides every day. Find a coach,  a group of like-minded professionals, and partner with a system that will make the metrics highly-visible, and keep the goals in reach.


When you have a network of people who are  modeling the success you’d like to see,  you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. At BoomTown we understand this and take this aspect of success very seriously. We have a Peer Coaching network, a Vitals Dashboard right in the CRM To help you quickly access the metrics that matter, and a Client success team with expert advice at every step.


If you want systematic growth, you have to grow your accountability systems too.


If every deal you make requires the same amount of time and effort as the previous deal, your real estate business does not scale. Use the tools you have available to help you grow your business and live your life. 


Learn how BoomTown can help.


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