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Why Your Real Estate CRM Needs to Play Well With Others

A CRM is a powerful tool. The good ones should function as the epicenter of your business with a robust scope of features, designed to grow your business. (And make your life easier!)
But here is one question that’s often overlooked…

Does your CRM play well with others?

Meaning, can your CRM software integrate with a variety of other tools. We believe it should.
• Your business has unique needs
• You deserve to use the tools you like (and ditch the ones you don’t)
• And there is no one-size-fits-all solution

A Flexible Tech-Stack, Customized for Your Business

Your technology stack should be perfectly designed to make your life easier! That’s why BoomTown has a broad ecosystem of integration partners, allowing agents to incorporate all of their tools into one system.
• Team performance
• Efficiency
• And the consumer experience
So, what types of tools do Top Producers integrate with their real estate CRM? Video Marketing, Transaction Management, Lead Conversion, Task Management, Phone Dialer, Market Data, and Open House Management are some of the most popular software tools in a successful tech stack.


Learn How to Build Your Tech Stack for Maximum Profitability
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Sonny Downey, Broker/Owner of EXIT Realty Gallery, said it best.

"A lot of tech systems will promise you the world. But do they really do it that well? “The reality is with the other products, 9 times out of 10 they’re just trying to catch up with BoomTown. They’re trying to be the all-in-one printer. It does everything just okay but it doesn’t do anything really well. I like that BoomTown stays in their lane with what they’re amazing at, and they integrate with other platforms on an API for the rest."

Experience all your business solutions, connected, with BoomTown!

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