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Establishing Clients for Life

Brian Ostrwiak, Bird Dog Group


What excites me the most is just the ongoing ways where we can get deeper into the consumer life cycle. There's so much conversation right now about how inventory is shrinking, how there's fewer sales, and you start to think more and more about as people hang on to their real estate for longer as it becomes a more important asset than it already is. How do you build that long term relationship, and how do we use that to to acquire more market share? I see the direction of the tools going more or less just like, hey. Let's help you get a lead to let's help you build the ongoing relationship with this homeowner and not just be the agent they remember when they need an agent, but be the person that helps them manage their home as an asset. So I think that just aligns with our mission to help people build wealth through homeownership. Seems like the tools are going in that direction.