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4 Things You Should Always Have in Your Listing Presentation or Open House

We’ve told you before: it’s important to turn your listing presentation on its head and show it off as a marketing action plan. And your approach to your open house should line up with this, too. After all, your goal for both of these scenarios go hand-in-hand — you want to show this home in all its glory, reassure both seller and buyer clients alike of your expertise, and sell it the way it deserves to be sold.

As you prep for your listing presentation or open house, there are 4 key things you should always make sure you have included. These action items help ensure you’re well-prepared, building trust, and offering a superior client experience.

We’ll break each one down, along with the reasons why they’re so important.

The “Why” Behind Your Pricing Strategy

Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest questions you’ll get asked by seller clients in the listing presentation — as well as buyers during the open house — is why the home is priced the way it is.

This is where you come prepared and heavily armed with data to back up your pricing strategy. You know it’s so much more than plugging a few numbers into big real estate portals’ online calculators, but your clients will need a bit more guidance to understand this.

Be ready to share insight into market practices and conditions, both on a macro and hyperlocal level, as well as general real estate practices they may not be privy to. You’ll also want to showcase more abstract, yet critical, factors that went into your pricing strategy, like timing for selling or other considerations that ultimately led to this price.

By taking a no-frills, expertise-backed approach to showing the data and standing firm in your pricing strategy, you can tackle these questions with grace and ease.

Showcase the Values You and Your Company Hold

You’re not a typical punch-in, punch-out, 9-to-5 type of agent. Serving your clients and helping them reach their goals smoothly and successfully is what you eat, sleep, and breathe. So show this to them. And no, it’s not a matter of bragging or boasting, it’s showing the values, ethics, and quality of work you and your company hold and believe in.

Whether it’s tangible, written values you can share in a print-out or how you show up for your clients day or night, make sure you’re always operating from your place of “why”. By demonstrating the commitment you bring to the table, as well as the quality of the company you're a part of, you can build trust, calm inevitable anxieties, and establish a strong presence as a real estate expert — even early on.

Appeal to their Emotions

Similar to our last point, it’s key you bring in the human element to your work. Emotion leads to deeper connection and honesty, so appeal to clients’ emotions in your interactions. By breaking the fourth wall, so to speak, you can show them you are a real human being. 

Doing this doesn’t have to be mushy-gushy, it’s as simple as showing you’re actively listening when clients are expressing their concerns. It could also be sharing a sentimental story about why you’re passionate about selling homes, or what you love so much about the market you serve. It’s also empathy when clients share their fears or hesitations.

Not only can you build trust and stronger rapport, you’re allowing your clients to put their guard down and be honest about their needs and worries. In turn, you’re creating the perfect opportunity to address each and every one with professionalism and expertise.

Something Physical to Show or Leave Them With

Last, but certainly not least, it’s always a good idea to have something that leaves a lasting impression after your listing presentation or open house.

Craft and print marketing materials, or order other supplies. You can provide your seller clients with a printed copy of your listing presentation, or hand the digital version over to them on a branded thumb drive. You can also share notes on the house, other listings, or a customized market report.

For buyers browsing your open house, you likely already prepared branded swag — but consider printing helpful brochures or flyers showing them comparable properties or other key information, like the contact info of lenders you partner with.

By ensuring you have a holistic, well-rounded set of tools to go into any listing presentation or open house seamlessly, you can provide a human-centric yet professional experience to buyer and seller clients alike. You can also set yourself apart from other agents working your market with your approach.

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