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Delivering a Perfect Client Experience in Today’s Real Estate Market

Times are crazy, anxiety is high. Many agents are worried about how to deliver the best consumer experience. They’re concerned about their marketing “tone” and sales tactics in general, not wanting to seem pushy or aggressive when many folks are struggling. It bears repeating, however, that the business of real estate is personal, essential, and a critical boon to families and our overall economic health. 


While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to delivering the ideal consumer experience right now, there is a mentality that you can adopt to frame your approach: the empathetic knowledge broker. People need empathy, answers, and incredible service. Here’s how you can deliver. 

Lead Generation Real Estate Plan

Offer empathy, and meet them where they are 


We could all use a little empathy, but navigating a major real estate move right now can generate some extra need. As always, listen to their needs, put yourself in their shoes, and tailor your communication accordingly. But this year, more than ever, it’s crucial to make it easy for your prospects, and meet them where they are. 


  • Provide an intuitive search experience so prospects can navigate your website and search capabilities with ease.
  • Beef up the information and helpful resources on your website to make it more convenient to find answers (and position yourself as a source of knowledge!).
  • Make sure you have a solid App experience, so consumers can “look when they want to look.” (fun fact, Consumers stay on BoomTown’s consumer-facing HomeSearch NOW App twice as long as they tend to do on site!). 
  • Offer virtual tools to aid their search
    • Virtual tours of properties on your website
    • Virtual open house events to showcase new listings
    • The ability to request a virtual showing of a property of interest


Real Estate Lead Generation

Provide education, answers, and the strategic guidance they need


Everyone is looking for answers. Homebuyers and sellers are definitely looking for answers. Don’t make them think. Make sure you are committed to understanding the market, clearing up misinformation, and communicating your expertise to prepare and reassure your prospects.



  • Boost your learning with resources from industry experts like KCM, as well as national and local market data. 
  • Reach out proactively with market updates and your own take on new happenings and trends to keep prospects informed automatically. 
  • Deliver information that is particularly meaningful right now: (school district data, lifestyle scorings, etc.) 
  • Create videos, blog posts, social media posts, to help people interpret market data, and make decisions easier. 


Not only will you become more comfortable in your industry and market knowledge, you will consistently position yourself as a trustworthy expert and provide the guidance and intel that consumers are desperate for. 


Lead Generation Plan

Deliver exemplary service, and the engagement they crave 


Our friends at KCM have predicted a 25% increase in transactions in 2021 over 2020. This means incredible opportunity, and incredibly busy agents. When clients crave extra service, you need to have a strategy and the support to scale your service offering and deliver. Here’s how to generate massive engagement, at a personal level. 



Engage and Re-engage with your CRM 


  • Segment your database based on demographics, needs, priorities, shared interests and other criteria used to understand your customers better.
  • Check in! Reach out to targeted groups to see how they’re doing and show empathy. Don’t just ask if they’re “ready to make a change.” Listen and use data to help build confidence. 
  • Host events for the community, invite your database, and create custom landing pages to promote
  • Promote and share community highlights for free exposure and goodwill
  • Use personalized Marketing Automation that works — Listing Alerts account for 75% of repeat sessions — literally tens of millions of sessions per year.


Engage and Re-engage with Social Media Advertising 

  • Use social media ads to proactively reach out to past customers, your sphere etc. 
  • Promote new listings, events, and generate tons of buzz
  • Easily re-target interested prospects and stay to-of-mind to incite action 
  • Keep your brand in front of your clients and sphere of influence.


BoomTown’s Marketing Central, our self-serve advertising portal, lets you build ad campaigns to highlight active listings, promote open houses, and showcase successfully sold properties in just a few clicks, right from the CRM. With so much attention online and on social media right now, make sure you’re taking advantage of this opportunity to connect. 


Engage and Re-engage with the help of experts 


Get a  team of dedicated lead concierges (real people) who respond to, and nurture your leads 

      • Free up busy agents from the time-suck of responding to new leads
      • Let your leads enjoy a personal tough, on behalf of your team
      • Make sure no opportunity slips through the cracks 


With such a busy year ahead, make sure your agents are empowered, and your service offering (so critical right now) can scale. When our clients take advantage of our Success Assurance program, they can rest assured all new inquiries are responded to quickly, leads are nurtured until they’re ready to talk, and their brand is shining. 



Ready to deliver the best consumer experience this year?

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