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How Leveraging Video Can Explode Your Real Estate Business

It’s 2022 and your marketing strategy needs a digitally-powered upgrade. 


While what you share is important, real estate agents should rethink how they’re creating, developing, and sharing content to grow their business. 


Instead of flat images and blocks of text that your audience has to sift through, delight your site visitors, social media followers, and CRM leads with eye-grabbing, dynamic video content. 


5 Reasons Why Video Is Essential For Engagement: 


  • By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer traffic. 
  • 86% of marketers in 2022 said that video has been effective for lead 
  • generation, and 87% of video markets saw positive ROI from video content. 
  • 54% of consumers want to see more video content from the brands and businesses they support.
  • 72% of consumers said they would rather learn about a product or service through video content.
  • Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. 


Let’s look at a few ways that you can use video content — both outside of the CRM, and within the CRM — to develop a more engaging and personalized experience for your sphere. 


How to Use Video Outside of Your CRM


Agents can use video content to refresh their online presence and level up their real estate traffic by converting idle site visitors into active opportunities for business. 




Boost Social Media Engagement 


If you want to see more of your social media following roll over into your sales funnel, start sharing more video content on your social media profiles. 


46% of online traffic takes some sort of action after viewing video marketing content. That means site visitors and social media users will be more likely to follow your calls to action by:


  • Signing up for your email list
  • Inquiring about a transaction opportunity
  • Setting up a meeting with you


Ultimately, all of these actions generate more engagement-ready leads who have said “yes” to receiving communications with you. 


Pro Tip: While you build up to HD video campaigns, easily start sharing video content by adding videos to your Instagram and Facebook stories. 


Rather than posting a still image, shoot a short video and post that instead. You can even turn your “live” pictures into videos using the in-app Boomerang effect — simply click the infinity sign on your live images when adding to your story.


Start a Live video to send out a push notification to all of your followers, getting your name out there. (Even if they don’t tune in, it’s still a free and effective ad opportunity!)


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Generate Attention-Grabbing Website Content 


Did you know that including a video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%? 


Every site visitor is a lead-generating opportunity. Build out your website with stunning videos to tell a story that makes your brand stand out. 


Adding videos to your website will allow site visitors to e-meet you, building trust and a personal connection with your online traffic. Videos are also a great way to keep site visitors on your website longer — since people spend 2.6x more time on pages with video than without. 


5 Video Content Ideas for Your Real Estate Website: 


  • A striking brand video to head up your website’s Home page
  • An introduction video to liven up your About Me landing page
  • Neighborhood video tours to add to individual community landing pages
  • Market update videos to accompany market data releases
  • Agent-guided walkthrough tours of available properties to add to listing pages

How To Leverage Video Within Your CRM 


While you’re bolstering your web presence outside of the CRM, use video within your CRM to warm up cold leads into conversion-ready clients — who turn into brand ambassadors that provide you with opportunities for repeat business through referrals. 




Increase the Effectiveness of Your Email Drip Campaigns 


A Forrester research report found that including video in an email increases the click-through rate by 200-300%. 


You’re sharing great information and spending time creating your emails. Don’t let that effort go to waste by not including a custom video. 


By creating personalized videos to embed into your emails, you maximize the engagement and lead-warming power of your marketing campaigns. You’ll also get more “face-to-face” time with your CRM, helping you build a community and stay top of mind. 


5 Ideas for Video Content for Email


  • Record a video briefing your most recent blog post
  • Send out home valuations 
  • Catch up with a quick “hello” message
  • Share heartfelt wishes for every holiday
  • Talk through the state of the market


Pro Tip: BoomTown integrates directly with BombBomb, a leading video email technology, that allows users to create clickbait video content and seamlessly embed it into email drip plans. 




You can even include BombBomb videos into Smart Drip campaigns — so as soon as a lead fills out the contact form, they’ll be sent your pre-recorded introductory video.


Are you ready to roll out the red carpet for your leads with stunning videos? 


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