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Is Burnout Slowing You Down? Reduce Your Stress Without Losing Business

Real estate is a business of hustle. Agents are constantly on their grind, working hard to generate new business opportunities, lock in success for current clients, and grow their brand’s market share. 


But, this routine can easily cause burnout — but burnout causes inefficiency and reduced productivity. Even when you’re putting in your best, burnout can actually make you work more hours and close fewer deals. 


Agents who are feeling the wear and tear of burnout, it’s time to recharge your batteries so you’re ready and able to excel. Here’s how to regroup, reduce your stress, and become more productive. 


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#1. The Benefits of Introducing “Strategic Renewal” Practices Into Your Workflow 


We all know what it feels like to be sitting in front of your computer when you’re not in the right headspace. 


When you’re running out of gas, take a moment to recalibrate and come back to the task instead of trying to speed through it. Rather than wasting time and inviting errors, you’ll be able to efficiently complete your tasks. 


Studies show that investing time in “strategic renewal” can substantially increase your productivity at work. These activities might seem like slacking off, but they’re actually helping you streamline and optimize your workflow: 


  • Taking breaks to exercise during the day. 
  • Indulging in a short afternoon nap and getting a full night’s sleep. 
  • Taking frequent vacations to get your mind off the grind. 




Pro Tip: Start scheduling in time for self-care within your workday. Whether it’s a quick nap, exercise break, healthy snack, or just a moment of “me time,” you’ll prevent burnout and keep your mood and energy up. It can also be helpful to plan out regular day trips or mini-vacations to help you clear your head and recalibrate. 


#2. Prioritize Tasks with the Eisenhower Matrix 


Have you heard of the Urgent-Important Matrix, also known as the Eisenhower Matrix? This is a system that helps busy individuals prioritize their to-do lists by identifying the most urgent tasks. 


This system was actually invented by President Eisenhower to help him strategically move through his daily task list. The Eisenhower Matrix is perfect for busy agents, whose workloads usually consist of very different tasks — like client outreach, transaction to-do’s, phone calls, and open houses. 


To begin using the Eisenhower Matrix, you’ll be segmenting your tasks into four categories: 


  • Do First: The most pressing tasks that need to be completed by the end of your workday. 
  • Schedule: Tasks that are of secondary importance can be completed at a later date. 
  • Delegate: Urgent tasks that can be delegated to others on your team rather than completed by you. 
  • Don’t Do: Tasks that are not urgent, timely, or important that need to remain on your radar, but don’t need to be completed immediately. 


It only takes a few minutes in your morning to get organized and schedule your tasks for the day. Try using the Eisenhower Matrix every day for two weeks to see if it helps you become more productive, on-task, and methodical. 


Pro Tip: Don’t forget to share this system with your team. At your weekly team meeting, it might be helpful to conduct a business-wide Eisenhower Matrix session where your team prioritizes and schedules out tasks that need to be completed that week. 


#3. Leverage Automation to Take the Load Off Your Plate 


Spreading yourself too thin? You don’t need to be glued to your desk 24/7 to be productive. If you feel like you have too much to do with too little time, take some of the responsibilities off of your plate by leveraging digital automation tools. 


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One of the best areas of work that agents can automate is their lead generation and follow-up. In addition to freeing up your schedule, automation tools can actually help you reach more leads and provide better, faster customer service. 





For example, today’s leads demand instant service. It’s likely that you’re not able to follow up with every new online lead within a few seconds — but an automated system can ensure that you’re hitting every mark, every time, at the right time. 


When it comes to keeping in touch with your CRM prospects, automation can ensure that you’re staying top of mind with everyone, including your previous clients. Scheduling custom outreaches to your database contacts and nurturing new leads are both covered when you deploy a system like BoomTown’s Success Assurance. 


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