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Real Users Rank BoomTown’s Top Features

When software users want to share their experience using a product, they look to the third-party software review site, G2. It is one of the most comprehensive review sites, allowing users to share detailed experiences and rank the tool across a wide range of categories. Users are verified for validity so it is one of the most trusted sources of information when shopping for a new tool. 


Each quarter, G2 releases a report, highlighting the top tools in different categories. Year after year, BoomTown ranks #1 in the Real Estate CRM category. 


BoomTown vs. The Other Leading Real Estate Technology Companies
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So what features do real estate CRM users care about the most? And how does BoomTown stack up? Check out a few of the categories below where BoomTown ranked #1 in the Real Estate CRM category against other top contenders like CINC, Top Producer, kvCORE, and more! 


Best Usability


The best real estate CRM is the one you will actually use. That’s why ease of use is of paramount importance to BoomTown. 


One of the biggest challenges to developing a true “rinse and repeat” real estate business can be adopting the new processes and technologies required to keep the flow going. Adopting new technologies and committing time to their use is the only way to activate the full potential of the tools you’re investing in. 


BoomTown is top-rated for ease of use, enabling more agents, brokers, and teams to be empowered by their technology, not encumbered.  


“I love the UI (user interface). It is laid out in an intuitive way that makes it easy to navigate, sort, and effectively deal with the contacts. The up-front and ongoing training is superior to any other platform/company that we have worked with.” – Mariana W


Users Most Likely to Recommend & Easiest to Do Business With 

A technology partner is more than just software and systems. True success in today’s competitive real estate landscape requires community. BoomTown has built a community of both BoomTown employees and BoomTown users so that clients who use BoomTown always have the exact support that they need. 


Among BoomTown users, there is a robust community of shared knowledge and resources. Facebook groups and Sharing Libraries within the CRM allow users from across the country to pick each other's brains and share best practices. 


“As big as BoomTown has grown, I still have always felt like I can reach out to someone, and I don’t get caught up in this hierarchy. I can talk to a real person. You’ve been able to maintain that personal touch.”  – Sonny Downey, EXIT Realty Gallery 


Best Support & Most Implementable 


We often say, “A tool is only as good as the hands that wield it.” Meaning, we can provide the most robust, complex, powerful technology ever, and it simply doesn’t matter if it’s not easy (and enjoyable) to use. That’s why BoomTown has 100+ team members dedicated solely to client success, onboarding, training, and support.


“The fundamental training classes are super useful especially when we’re onboard and new agents or have introduced new agents into the Boomtown and everything because that’s something that takes a huge workload off of us from the very beginning. From a brokerage standpoint– from a management standpoint and maintaining the ease of being able to communicate with the support team is extremely advantageous.” – Ryan Wilson, Edge Realty