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The Only Follow-Up Plan You Need for Seller Leads

Work your Seller Leads the Right Way: 10 Weeks of Proven Nurture Content

Perhaps you have the right plan in place for your buyer leads, but you’re struggling to engage and nurture your seller leads, or maybe you just need some fresh ideas. Either way, here’s a solid plan to create more conversations and land more listings. And did I mention this plan includes eleven weeks of touches? 

Best Practices for Following up with Seller Leads

Don’t forget the tried and true best practices for following up with anyone:

  • speed to lead. Respond as quickly as possible to new leads. Every minute counts
  • provide value: give them what they need before they even know they need i with helpful, relevant information
  • Include a variety of follow up methods in your nurture plan: calls, emails, texts, social media, etc
  • and remember, once you’ve gotten the response, pull that lead off of your campaign and communicate based on that lead’s specific communication preferences and needs.

Ok, here we go!


Week 1 Seller Lead Strategy

This is the most intense part of the campaign, with a communication plan for each day. Since you know there is interest in their home’s worth, now is the time for a full court press. 

Day 1:

Since the leads are registering through your home valuation page, they should automatically receive their home valuation and market report upon registration, and you should receive a notification in your CRM. This lead is H.O.T. so call them ASAP.

No answer? Here’s a sample voicemail:

Hi, this is  <Your Name> with <Your Company>. You should be receiving your home value report shortly, but I am also putting together a custom report with some interesting comps from your neighborhood. I’d love to deliver this version to you and answer any questions.

Then follow up with an email:

Subject: Your Home Value Report for <address>

Hi <prospect name>,

I left you a voicemail, but figured I’d send you an email in case it’s easier for you to respond this way. Thank you for your home value request on <company website>.  I’m working up a custom report for you and was wondering if you had any questions I could help with in the meantime.  I would love to deliver a copy to your home today if you’re available.  


Taking the time to deliver the report shows off your level of service and if they take you up on the meeting, it’s a great way to get face-to-face, run through the report, answer any questions, and start taking the relationship to the next level.

Day 2:

Shoot the lead a text message. Sometimes this is the best communication method for people and they prefer to talk via text rather than over the phone. (It also eliminates the possibility of your email drowning in an overly-crowded inbox!

Day 3:

Try to call your prospect again, mail the customized value report to their address (with a note). 


Hi <prospect name> this is < your name> with <company name>. Just wanted to follow up and make sure you received the home value report I delivered, and to see if you have any questions I may be able to help with. I actually have some questions for you that would help me with estimating you home’s worth even better, so please give me a call or send me a quick email.

Hand-written note:

Hi <prospect name> Thank you so much for reaching out to learn more about your home’s value. I hope you had an opportunity to look over the value estimate and report I delivered, but in case you didn’t receive it, here’s another copy for you to look through. Please let me know if I can answer any questions.

All the best,

<your name>

<company name>

*include a business card too!

Day 4:

Set your prospect up to receive automatic updates (e-Alerts) on similar listings and market activity.

Day 5

Email some similar active listings:  

Subject: Check out these comparable listings

Hi <prospect name>,

Here are some homes that are for sale that are similar to your own. Feel free to check out <company website> for more information and  properties!

Day 6:

Send an email with your customized value report attached.

Subject: Your customized report

Hi <prospect name>

I hope you enjoyed your valuation report. While they can be helpful in getting a better idea of your home’s worth, they are generated from third party data, so I made a few tweaks based on my knowledge of market activity in your area. I dropped this by your home, but thought it might be helpful to have a digital version as well. I’d love to discuss any questions or issues you may have!


Day 7:

Make a phone call and follow up with a brief text


Hi <prospect name>, this is <your name>, I just wanted to follow-up and make sure you your were satisfied with the requested property report and value range of your home. I know the range may seem a bit broad, but we can adjust and narrow that down if I could get you to answer a few questions for me about your home. Even if you’re just curious about the market, I’d be happy to provide any advice that might be helpful. Feel free to call me any time or shoot me an email. Thanks and have a great day

Ten Week Drip Campaign for Seller Leads

If you still don’t have a response after your week-long effort, it’s time to approach your lead with the “low and slow” method. This next phase involves an email drip campaign that delivers one message per week for the next 10 weeks.

1 (1)

Week 2 Seller Lead Strategy 

This email is just checking back in and trying to gain some information around the prospect’s timeline and intentions

Subject: Is your home worth more than you think?

Hi <prospect name>,

I wanted to check in with you about your home valuation report and see what you thought about the provided price range. Too high or too low? I know it’s a broad estimate, but things like past remodels and updates could impact the value nicely.

Are you considering selling or simply interested in your home’s current value?

I’d be happy to help either way.

All the best,

<your name>

1 (2)

Week 3 Seller Lead Strategy 

This next touch is taking a new tack to trying to get a response: asking a very specific question. (If you are right- or wrong- in assuming they may be relocating, you have a high chance of getting a reply!)

Subject: Are you relocating?


Since you were curious about the current value of your home, I was wondering if you may be planning to move or relocate. Is this the case for you? If you’re planning to move somewhere nearby or relocating further away, I’d be happy to help.

Nearby: Just tell me which neighborhoods you’re interested in and I’ll make sure you receive the freshest listing information and a market report so you can get a good feel for pricing in that market.

Relocating: I’m happy to tap into my network to connect you with a trustworthy agent to help you look for homes in your desired area.

Just let me know what’s most helpful!

1 (3)

Week 4 Seller Lead Strategy

Here’s a check in on the e-Alerts they’re receiving and if they are the right type of parameters. If they’re enjoying the alerts then they might tell you as much, and if they’re a little off, this is the chance for them to let you know.

Subject: Staying on top of the market


I hope you’ve been enjoying learning a bit more about the market activity around your home and receiving similar properties that have been listed. I can make these alerts even more customized if you’d like to limit the search for only homes in your neighborhood, with the same square footage, etc.

Also, if you’re moving, it’s never too early to research the market you’d like to move to!  Let me know what you’re looking for in your next home and I’ll send you some homes to check out!

1 (4)

Week 5 Seller Lead Strategy

Remember, to be of value for your clients, it’s your job to share your expertise. That means taking the market information and translating it into terms they can understand, and relating it to their own situation. Or, as Steve Harney would say, “connecting the dots.” 

Subject: The right time to sell?


Our area is enjoying a market where home values are on the rise. When homes are priced correctly and marketed effectively, there are frequently multiple offers for a property within a few days of listing. (And, If you’re looking to sell and upgrade, it’s more affordable than ever with low mortgage rates!)

Here’s a helpful link to see current stats for your zip code <insert link>. Most of my clients find this really useful!

Let me know if you have any questions, I am happy to help!

1 (5)

Week 6 Seller Lead Strategy 

Make another call! Check in and ask things like “What’s your timeline” “What did you think of the home value range” etc.


Subject: Your home is worth how much?!


To get top dollar for your home, we’ll want to determine what a buyer will pay in the current market.

Determining the market value of your home is complex and you should use a local expert to help you determine that price.

Some key factors include:

  •    Location
  •    Lot size
  •    Square footage
  •    Special enhancements and features of your home

If you are a little ways out from selling, we can work together now on a few minor and inexpensive changes so you can draw in higher offers when you decide to put it on the market.

Call me on my cell <insert number> so we can find a time to discuss. Or send me your number and I’ll call you.

1 (6)

Week 7 Seller Lead Strategy 

Now is a great time to make sure your listing presentation game is strong. Offer an explanation of what you can do to market their home and show how many buyer leads you have at the ready!

Subject: A marketing plan for <insert address>


What’s the difference between listings and marketing your home? Listing is just getting it on the market, but marketing is what is done to drawing buyers in and getting top dollar for your home. That’s where I come in!

As a successful listing agent in the area, creating a strategic marketing plan with the homeowner before we list has been crucial to getting my sellers the best price for their home.

Let’s set up a time where we can discuss a marketing strategy for your home. Before we meet, feel free to send over any thoughts you have:

  1. Who do you think will be the perfect buyer of your home? (A large family, a couple downsizing,etc).
  2. What are your favorite features of your home? Why?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

1 (7)

Week 8 Seller Lead Strategy 

If you’re creating fresh content for your website, blog, or social media accounts (and you should be!) share something that might be useful to a potential seller. Want a little treat? Here is some tweetable advice you can share with seller leads

Copy of training sidebar cta

Subject: Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Curb Appeal


Did you know that doing just a few simple, inexpensive things to your home before you put it on the market can increase your home selling potential up to 10%?

Here’s a link to my blog post, “The top 5 ways to improve your home’s first impression.” My past client found this very helpful when we were selling their home and I hope you will too.

Let me know if you’d like to chat about the selling process!

Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from you!

1 (10)

Week 9 Seller Lead Strategy 

It may be worth offering some giveaway to pique the interest of the potential seller. The below email details the opportunity for a staging consult, but you could also offer a free appraisal as well. 

Subject: Free home staging

Hey, I just wanted to drop you a quick note about a special offer for a free home staging consultation with my favorite local home stager (they help make your house look pretty when we show your property). These guys are awesome and this is a service I highly recommend. The deal is good for the rest of this month.

Let me know if you’re interested!

1 (9)

Week 10 Seller Lead Strategy

Testimonial time! Demonstrate the success you’ve had in a similar area selling homes, or showcase what similar homes you have sold. Now is a great time to pull in testimonials from past clients and brag a little bit (humbly of course!) about any big wins with multiple offers, time to sale, etc.

Subject: Sold: 3 homes just like yours


Just wanted to let you know that these homes, similar to your own, were all sold in under one month (and one even went above asking price!). Here are some things my clients have to say:

*Insert testimonial*

*Insert testimonial*

I would love to be able to offer you the same experience they all enjoyed. Would you have some time today to chat about this market and what your timeline is like?

I look forward to hearing from you!

1 (11)

Week 11 Seller Lead Strategy 

If you still haven’t had any bites after all these touches, it’s a good idea to make sure they haven’t been put off by anything, and put the ball back in their court. 

Subject: Did I drop the ball?

Hi <prospect name>

I have yet to hear back from you, so I want to make sure I didn’t drop the ball.  When you initially reached out to me you were interested in the value of your home. Are you just looking to refinance or do you want to potentially sell sometime down the road?

I don’t want to bug you, so here’s how you can contact me:

  • <insert name>
  • <insert phone number>
  • <insert email>

I would love to help you with any of your real estate questions or needs.

Warm regards,

<your name>

Nurturing Non-Responsive Seller Leads

Email Real Estate Leads

Continue sending your seller leads automatic e-Alerts and market updates to stay top of mind and keep adding value. Even if they are a ways out from selling their home, or unresponsive, it’s certainly worth keeping them involved in your digital marketing efforts. That way, when the time does come when they’re ready for help, you’ll be the person they turn to. With the right technology, and automated processes, nurturing seller leads can be a breeze.


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