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Why Agents Should Be Prioritizing Meaningful Outreach

Keeping in touch with your leads and prospects is essential for driving long-term real estate success, but not all follow-up strategies are considered equal. 


Remember agents, not all follow-up is good follow-up! 


Even if you’re reaching out to your sphere, you need to make sure that you’re leveraging compelling messages that resonate with the individual you’re speaking to. 


In addition to creating strong content, you need to make sure that you’re sending IT out at the right time and using the platform most likely to inch the lead toward conversion. 


This best-practice recipe for a growth-fostering real estate follow-up strategy is far different from casual, unplanned messaging. 


If your approach to lead follow-up is freewheeling, it’s time to make a big change — and once you shift over to the strong side of follow-up, you’ll be watching your business thrive. 


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Want to Wow Your Leads Every Time? Say Hello to Effective Outreach!


When it comes to lead outreach and follow-up, there’s no room for mistakes in today’s market. 


Consumer demand is high — and people expect the perfect combination of Amazon speed and boutique service. 


Think instant gratification with the close-community feel of one-on-one assistance. 




This is especially critical when it comes to digital outreach through text, email, and social media advertising. 


We all get so many messages per day, and time is precious. No one wants to waste their time with a generic outreach from a real estate professional that’s vague, and doesn’t really speak to their current experience. 


On the flip side, consumers in your market are craving personalized messages that actually answer their questions, address their concerns, and relate to their position as a home buyer or seller. 


This is at the core of effective, meaningful outreach. Meaningful outreach and follow-up allow you to organically warm your leads, pushing them through your sales funnel as you guide them through their real estate journeys. 


To do this, you need to be listening to what your leads are doing online. When you have a clear idea about how your leads are engaging with your website, you’ll get an inside look at their needs, circumstances, and motivators. 


As we all know, knowledge is power… especially when it comes to staying in touch with your audience!


Pro Tip: The more specific your message is, the more likely it is to convert. After all, rolling out the red carpet for your leads means speaking to them, and their distinct needs and interests. 

Do This, Not This: Real Estate Outreach and Follow Up 


For example, let’s say you’re able to tap into the way that your leads are navigating your website. So, you know when they favorite an available property listing on your site. In this case, you can: 


  • DO THIS — Reach out to the lead with a specific message targeting the property listing they engaged. Ask them if they’re ready to learn more about the opportunity, and provide them with a list of similar properties that they might be interested in. 


  • NOT THIS — Send a generic, impersonal message telling your leads to browse your available property listings.


In another scenario, let’s say a lead is calculating a loan. If you’ve taken the all-star step to leverage Success Assurance by BoomTown, you can: 


  • DO THIS — Deploy a set of qualifying questions that ask the lead if they’re prequalified for a loan or have a house to sell. The more information you gather, the more insights you have on hand to refer to when it comes time to reach out and provide assistance. 


  • NOT THIS — Have no idea where your lead stands in terms of their financing journey, leaving you in the dark about how to help them take the next steps. 

Achieve Meaningful Outreach at Scale with BoomTown’s Success Assurance 


If you’re thinking, “I get this in theory. But, I’m ridiculously busy. How can I establish and maintain meaningful outreach when I don’t have the time to dedicate?” 


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Enter BoomTown, your secret to robust real estate success. 


With our new and improved version of Success Assurance, agents who leverage this updated BoomTown feature don’t have to worry about manually performing the outreach and follow-up tasks needed to keep their sales funnels in rotation. 


As a built-in Lead Concierge service, Success Assurance takes care of full database monitoring and reaches out to your leads on your behalf. 


In other words, Success Assurance ensures that you’re always delivering the right message to the right place at the right time. 





By taking the heavy lift off of you, you get more time to do what you do best, like: 


  • Navigate deals with your knowledge and expertise 
  • Meet with your active clients 
  • Negotiate on your client’s behalf
  • Develop winning strategies curated for your client’s market and personal circumstances
  • Conduct site visits and tours 
  • Celebrate closings with your clients to lock in a lifelong relationship


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