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20 Daily Activities for Profitable Real Estate Agents

Need a little structure for your daily routine? As a real estate agent, you're spinning a lot of plates at once and it's easy to feel scattered and burnt out. Becky Garcia, Broker/Owner of The Garcia Group in Arizona gives her agents this streamlined list of 20 daily activities to stay on task and keep generating business. 


  1.  Hand write letters with your business cards to past clients.
  2. Shadow a teammate who has an appointment that day. 
  3. If nothing is scheduled yet for the weekend, plan an open house to sit.
  4. Spend one hour a day strategically on Facebook or Instagram. This means categorizing your clients or people you feel have the highest potential to refer you someone. Once categorized, you can filter your newsfeed so only they show up. Then you send them direct messages to see how they're doing! It's best if you did video, but any message will do. Comment on any photos they post.  This will keep you top of mind. 
  5. Visit one new home sales office that you haven’t been to. Talk to the sales rep. Ask how traffic is. What are they seeing? Get the details about the inventory. Shoot video. Video can then be uploaded to social media. You can do a video walkthrough and you then text that video to buyer clients in your system. You can also advertise those homes on social media. Like…."New homes starting at X price." So, some content for your story, some for your feed, and some for posting to buyer leads. 
  6. Do you have a bio written out yet?  If not, write one up so you can use that on your website and your profiles. 
  7. Work on creating a "Linktree" link for your Instagram profile. 
  8. Circle dialing around new listings, just sold, just listed, and open houses. Or FSBO and expired's. 
  9. Preview some new, vacant listings that you can start marketing. (This is also how you learn inventory.) 
  10. Which of your past clients can you offer a home evaluation to? 
  11. How can you market any current listings that you have? 
  12. Study the MLS and check local market sources. Get it on your schedule. 
  13. What brokerage training can you attend?
  14. Research and attend broker tours. This is how you network with other agents and view inventory. 
  15. Listen to one real estate podcast a week. 
  16. Set your work goals every week on Sunday. Review that on Friday. Did you keep your commitments?
  17. Schedule a time to meet with your marketing department to have a strategy session on what services they can help you with. What can they be creating or sending on your behalf? If you're not working with a brokerage that offers these services -- what should you be creating or sending? Or what can you outsource?
  18. Are there any escrow milestone gifts coming up that you need to arrange? Example: Move-in meal or final walkthrough gift.
  19. Do you need to schedule a Zoom with a lender to find out the latest loan programs, interest rates, etc.?
  20. Last, but not least, schedule some sort of self-care appointment or activity.