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5 Real Estate Lead Follow-Up Rules You Need to Be Following

What does your current follow-up strategy look like? Is it up in the air and every so often, or is it on the ball and always on time? 


We know, busy agents have a lot on their plates. From juggling client meetings to negotiating deals to simply rolling out the red carpets for your current active transactions, it can easily feel like there’s not enough time in the day. 


In addition, you may also feel like you don’t have the bandwidth to adopt new strategies and workflows surrounding lead follow-up and outreach. 


What’s In Your Future: A Steady Cadence of Transaction Sides, or Leads That Aren’t Ready to Convert?


The best in the business know that when you’re busy and on the go with current clients is exactly when you should be doubling down on your sales funnel. 


In other words, reaching out to your database to work them toward conversion — so when your current deals come to a close, your next set of transactions are neatly lined up and ready to go. 


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If you’re only focused on what’s immediately in front of you, you won’t be able to map out a long-term business plan that generates a steady stream of conversion-ready leads. 


That means you could end up with a dry spell of business opportunities when your current deals finally close — and no growth-focused, success-driven real estate agents want to be in this position. 



5 Follow-Up Strategies That Lead to Growth, Success, and More Business 


If you’re ready to start tapping into the true potential of your contact database, the first step is to create a follow-up strategy that is sustainable, repeatable, and scalable. 


To help you do just that, we’re sharing five essential tips inspired by what top performers in the industry do to sustain their sales funnel. 


We’ve extracted these five tips based on the findings of a RealTrends study that explored how marketing practices and contact database size impacted the performance of both individual real estate agents and teams. 


To empower your business even further, we’re also highlighting how BoomTown can help take the load off of you by automating these best practices — so you can reap the rewards without lifting a finger. 


(Well, maybe a few clicks and taps of your digital device may be involved, but we promise it’s painless, fast, and easy!)


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#1. Start running systematic follow-up processes and nurture marketing campaigns


The RealTrends survey found that real estate agents who have a formal workflow for new leads average 12% more transactions than those who do not employ any kind of systematic follow-up. 


With BoomTown’s Success Assurance feature, no leads are ever left behind. BoomTown monitors your entire database and embarks on a 24/7, 365-day journey of qualifying and engaging leads on your behalf. 


Say hello to more freedom and goodbye to being glued to your desk. You’re welcome! 

#2. Target both former clients and new leads


According to RealTrends, real estate agents who have a systematic follow-up process in place for both past clients and new leads do, on average, 22% more transactions than those who do not employ any type of systematic follow-up — and 10% more transactions than those who only target new leads.

#3. Support a diverse mix of contact types


Based on the RealTrends report, agents who use a mix of contact types, including programmatic and social media advertising, do 29% more transactions on average than those who don’t. 


With Success Assurance by BoomTown, we’ll leverage the perfect mix of tools and services to ensure that every lead gets the attention they deserve. 

#4. Set a communication cadence that allows for the ideal number of touchpoints per person, per month (hint: it’s 10!) 


Did you know that agents who make 10 or more touchpoints per person, per month have 39% more transactions than their less communicative peers? It’s been proved by RealTrends! 


When you deploy Success Assurance by BoomTown, our Lead Concierge team of real, US-based sales professionals will keep a close eye on your database. Our team will engage leads with relevant messages at the most opportune time to ensure that you’re swiftly acting on every chance to convert. 

#5. Scale as your database size grows 


RealTrends found that real estate agents who maintain a larger contact database complete more transactions. Those with databases containing more than 500 contacts have an average of 25% more transactions than agents who have less than 500 contacts. 


BoomTown generates the most promising leads and qualifies them in as little as 90 seconds. Then, BoomTown nurtures them for up to one year. That means less DIY and more ROI.