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How to Engage & Convert Real Estate Leads (While You're on Vacation!)

The season of beach days, cookouts, and family vacations is upon us! And you shouldn't miss out on the fun (and much-needed r&r) just because we're in a hectic market. We know it's tough as a busy agent or broker to step away during the summer months when the market is hot, but with the right tools, systems, and people in place, it's possible to have your cake and eat it too!

Leverage Automated Marketing 

Any of these sound familiar...?

  • "I'm just looking right now."
  • "We haven't found the right house."
  • "We're thinking about selling, but not yet."

To stay ahead in today's market you have to utilize systems that allow you to capture opportunities when they're ready. That means setting up automated marketing campaigns to nurture leads and stay top-of-mind over time so that when they're ready to engage they know that you are the agent to contact! 

If you're leveraging a powerful real estate CRM, these capabilities should be included. Make sure your technology allows you to set up eAlerts for your clients, automated notifications with fresh listings within their specified neighborhood and price range.   

BoomTown’s Smart Drip, is a step above the rest, with more personalization and optimized timing – boosting open and response rates, and streamlining your process. Event triggers are settings that will prompt the system to automatically pause the plan when certain actions take place. With event triggers, you can choose to have the plan pause when a lead replies to an email or sends an email.

This means no more embarrassing out-of-context emails, once they’ve reached out. You can also choose to pause the plan when a call is logged in the system, or when a lead changes categories. Essentially, this is the “smart” in Smart Drip. The campaigns are designed to sound and feel like organic person-to-person email communication. So your prospects won’t even know it’s a bulk email.

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Offload Your Lead Management

Yes, you read that right! Lead management is a critical piece of the real estate puzzle, but with the right combination of software and services, it's possible to leverage a tool to take lead management off of your plate -- allowing you to focus on more dollar-critical activities. 

Success Assurance from BoomTown acts as an extension of your team, contacting leads 24/7 on your behalf and passing them to you once they're conversation-ready. Real, highly-trained salespeople (US-based and no bots!) qualify and nurture every lead for up to a year, allowing agents to focus on closing deals. 



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Have an "Out of Office" Game Plan

Here's the thing about real estate. Leads operate on their own timeline. If they're ready to chat and you're unavailable, odds are, they'll just find someone else to work with. So how can you ensure that your 10 days on the coast don't equate to 10 days of missed opportunities? Start by working on an Out-of-Office plan. 

Figure out who you can rely on to handle your activities. For example, if you are working with an ISA or you're leveraging a Lead Concierge Service, make sure they are equipped to handle those conversations with new and potential clients while you're gone. 

For the more important conversations, you might need to rely on another agent or partner within your business to help out. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Establish a safety net partnership with a fellow agent that you trust. This is definitely possible if you work within a team! You might agree to help the other out with their clients when they're on vacation and vice-versa. Decide on the agreement (be specific about hours and compensation) and get it in writing before you move forward with the plan. 
  • Hire a personal assistant, even if it's only temporary! Agents are busy! Which means it's easy to feel burnt out and then start dropping balls. Having a right-hand person to represent your brand while you're out-of-office can be a huge help. 

Remember! Communicate with all of your clients ahead of time and personally introduce them to the person that they'll be speaking to in your absence. You'd be surprised how willing people are to respect your boundaries when they are clearly defined and you are open and honest. The clearer you are with expectations and processes during your time away, the more you'll be able to fully unplug and enjoy yourself. 

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