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BoomTown Launches Full Suite of Back Office and Transaction Management Capabilities to Manage Entire Client Lifecycle

A deeply integrated front office and back office provides real estate professionals a best in class end-to-end solution. Business owners get a birds-eye view of the entire business process, agents have the tools they need to generate leads and close deals, and back-office employees enjoy efficiency gains to move quickly and accurately through transactions


CHARLESTON, S.C., August 3, 2022 --- BoomTown, the leading cloud-based sales and marketing automation platform for real estate professionals, announced the launch of back office capabilities through an expanded integration with Brokermint, real estate’s leading cloud-based back office and transaction management software, which was acquired by BoomTown. 


Fragmented customer relationship management and back office solutions cause duplication of effort and business inefficiencies, a problem that has plagued the real estate industry for years. Unlike other integrations, this unification of the data layer is the critical component that powers the deep integration and allows agents to seamlessly align the BoomTown and Brokermint platforms, answering the need for an end-to-end solution for real estate businesses. While agents, team leaders, and brokers utilize BoomTown’s lead generation and customer relationship management solutions, administrative teams can now work in the back-office solution, which handles everything from commissions, offers, and e-Signatures, to accounting, transaction management and reporting, and all information is seamlessly synced. It provides visibility into the entire business transaction, and ensures information is accurate, and all relevant parties enjoy a streamlined and efficient process from lead-to-close. 


“This enhanced integration is closing the loop on the real estate transaction process, and fostering ‘clients-for-life’ for our customers by enabling offices to manage their client relationships from first click to close, and deliver more value at every step,” said Grier Allen, CEO of BoomTown. “It eliminates inter-office inefficiencies, helps business owners identify opportunities, and creates a solid foundation for continued innovation between front office and back office.” 


“The deep integration between the front-end BoomTown solution and back-end Brokermint solution, and the efficiency gains and holistic company view that it delivers, are changing the game,” said Chad Priest, Broker in Charge of The Flowertown Group. “Unlike other integrations that still require manual updates and maintenance, this includes all of our data from transactions and commissions to contact data and user information, so we can confidently manage every front-office and back-office task in one place.” 



About BoomTown

BoomTown exists to make real estate agents successful. Nearly 100,000 of the industry’s top professionals, and 40% of the Real Trends Top 250 teams, trust BoomTown to grow their real estate business with easy-to-use technology that creates opportunities and turns them into closings. BoomTown’s full suite of capabilities include a customizable real estate website integrated with local MLS data, client success management, a cutting-edge CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system with custom marketing automation, personalized advertising and lead generation services, a mobile app for agents on the go, transaction management, commissions, and accounting. BoomTown’s service offerings extend far beyond technology with lead qualification services to contact, qualify, and nurture leads, and dedicated advisors to offer personalized support at every step from onboarding and training to optimizing your business and planning for strategic growth to coaching services from peers who have catapulted their growth with the system. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Charleston, SC, BoomTown has additional offices in Atlanta, GA and San Francisco, CA. BoomTown’s brands include some of the most trusted solutions in real estate like Brokermint, real estate’s leading back-office and transaction management software, and MyAgentFinder. For more about BoomTown visit



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