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To Bot or Not? The Modern Way to Engage Real Estate Leads

Lead concierge services are gaining popularity in the real estate industry —  and it isn’t hard to see why. 


Automated lead concierge programs help agents focus on high-dollar value leads. Instead of being glued to your computer screen digging through your CRM, you can be out in the field going to meetings and closing deals. 


While you’re out there doing more of what you love, all of the leads in your database are followed up with on time. The lead concierge acts as an extension of your team. 


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While the appeal of lead concierge services is clear, deciding whether or not to adopt this strategy for your business can be a tough decision for many agents. 

Pros and Cons of Lead Concierge Services


Pros of Lead Concierge: 


  • You can spend more time serving your active clients
  • The lead concierge service is keeping all of your leads warm
  • You get your time back


On one hand, agents want to free up the time they’re spending engaging and following up with their leads — while ensuring that they’re actually warming their entire CRM at every level of the sales funnel. 


Any agent knows that it’s not easy to keep in touch with hundreds or thousands of clients manually 24/7 — let alone develop strong, trustful relationships by sharing personalized content. 


Agents also know how difficult it is to quickly respond to each new lead that submits their contact information. 


Since home buyers buying properties online are most likely to work with the first agent they speak to, it’s critical that real estate teams are responding quickly and effectively. 




Cons of Bot-Powered Lead Concierge: 


  • Your leads may need to speak to a real person
  • Your client experiences may lack a human touch 
  • Your leads may not feel like they’re building trust with you 


However, many agents might not feel comfortable passing off one of the most crucial elements of their business to technology. Sometimes, your clients will need to speak to a real person


A recent study found that nearly 90% of people prefer to speak to a live customer service agent on the phone, despite the efficiency of phone menus for businesses. 


Your CRM is your goldmine, and your lead engagement plan is your baseline for generating deals and pushing your sales funnel toward conversion. 


If you’ve built your business with strong, human-centric communication, can you really pass that off to bots and maintain the same quality? Even if that will allow you to grow your business, is it worth risking the quality of your client experiences


To bot or not to bot can be a tough question to answer — until you’ve heard of the BoomTown Effect. 


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What agents really need is a seamless lead concierge service that keeps a human quality, but boosts the quantity of your outreach. In other words, helping you do more. 




BoomTown’s Success Assurance is Powered By People, No Bots!


The greatest value of BoomTown’s Success Assurance is that it is powered by a team of real humans. It’s not a concierge team of bots. Trained sales professionals serve your clients — no bots involved. 


BoomTown’s Success Assurance team are experts that act as a true extension of your team. 


Real people qualify and nurture every lead for up to 365 days from registration. You won’t have to worry about responding to new leads or stressing about sending out follow-up emails. Instead, you and your team can focus on active buyers and sellers while accelerating the team’s lead conversion timeline. 


Our teams generate and qualify, while you close — helping you experience 4x transaction volume. 


When you let BoomTown do the heavy lifting, you can say “yes” to the benefits of lead concierge while saying “no” to artificial bots. 


It’s a win-win for you and your clients. You get more time, and they get superb quality experiences and real, human-to-human assistance. 


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