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The "Nonnegotiables" When Choosing a Tech Partner

What's your nonnegotiable when it comes to choosing a real estate tech partner? Hear from three real estate powerhouses, James Harris (Bond Street Collective), Brian Ostrowiak (Bird Dog Group), and Bobby Puim (REC Canada Team). 

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I think the nonnegotiable for me is just having a true partner invested in your business. Who can I reliably build my business on? What's the platform that's gonna keep us going and is gonna keep innovating for us? And over time, as we're ready to innovate ourselves, who's gonna be there with those tools? I can't spend any of my time thinking about my software. I have to think about selling real estate. So, like, that's the difference maker for me is who allows me to do that.

For us, it's all about relationships, but most importantly, how we can elevate our team's success overall. When you talk about a CRM and lead gen and website and brand, they encapsulate everything that the real estate business really has to offer. If you don't have a good brand you're dead in the water. If you don't have a good website you're really not going anywhere. That's what people see, that's what people look at. And if you don't have a good CRM to back up your pipeline and be able to stay consistent with the business that you're working with, then you're kind of dead in the business.

A non negotiable for us with our technology partners is that they have to continue to innovate. We are in a in a business that requires us to be nimble. We need a partner in the technology side that is also ultra nimble. And we have that in IRE, the continual innovation, the the guidance that we're able to provide to the company to see new things rolled out and rolled out quickly, it matters to us. We we have to be at the leading edge of this or we're going to lose market share, and we simply do not lose market share because IRE can match our pace.