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Q4 Concerns? Get in front of the real estate market and don’t chase it

Chaotic markets leave many agents stuck in reaction mode, but that’s not how Q4 real estate success is achieved. How can you shake that and prepare yourself to seize opportunity in Q4 and future-proof your pipeline? We’ve honed in on the top four things that win in today’s market, and tomorrow’s, and $500 million agent, Mary Simmons-Maloney, the Founder/Owner of Hometown Realty, powered by eXp in San Diego, is weighing in with her wise words too.

Lead Generation Real Estate Plan

 Maximize the Client AND Agent Experience

Always deliver with an unparalleled website experience, a branded consumer app to keep prospects searching and interacting with your brand, and make sure your team is equipped with the tools to deliver effortless white-glove service.

“When we brought BoomTown into our organization for our agents, it was about having a centralized, easy-to-use system. The consumer interface is so easy for our agents to use. It’s not overcomplicated, it’s not over-cumbersome. It’s super easy to use. And that was very important for us at the time, to be able to have a way for our agents to track their leads, for us to be able to hold them accountable, and then, at the same time, to have a system that allowed us to track and measure our spending.”

Real Estate Lead Generation

Lean into Your Lead Generation for Q4 Real Estate Success

While so many are scaling back on their ad spend and lead generation efforts, now is the time for savvy agents to lean into their lead generation efforts, build that database, and prepare for the market to shift. Because it will shift. Consumers are being discouraged from buying right now since it’s the ‘height of the market,’ but they will return, and you need to have the tech and the teams in place to make sure you’re ready to seize opportunity.

“A lot of agents are pulling back on their online buyer acquisition spend, but we doubled ours because we’re in this for the long game. We look at the relational side of the business, not just the transactional side. And when you’re in it for the long game, the market is going to shift. So, if you’re front-loading your database with the client, that will be ahead of the next market shift. When the market does shift, you’re going to have amazing business.”

Lead Generation Plan

Cut Through the Noise and Stay Top-of-mind

News reports are a constant reminder that the field is crowded and competition is fierce. Smart tech and customizable marketing can cut through the digital noise, differentiate you from the competition, and build trust

Arm yourself with customizable tools like:

  • Landing pages to promo new and featured properties, “Coming Soon” properties, home valuation report generators, new-buyer seminars, you-name-it!
  • Automated drip campaigns to send the right message at the right time, and keep you top-of-mind
  • A branded consumer app to keep prospects searching and interacting with your brand
  • An ad-creation portal that makes customized social media advertising a breeze

Consumers want to work with a brand that they feel like they know, so make sure you have the tools to make it easy to compete, stay relevant, and grow your business.

Real Estate Lead Generation

Prioritize Your Time

Everyone has reached a new level of busy, and this will probably continue. You can’t add more hours to your day, but you can certainly streamline your workload and make your time management more effective. Mary’s no-fail routine centers around BoomTown. Predictive insights, reminders, and to-dos to keep you on top. Automated bulk marketing plus expert teams can offload the heavy-lifting of qualifying new leads and engaging your database.

“My favorite feature is the NOW Wall. It allows us to monitor our leads and make sure that we’re not missing anyone. If they’re showing interest, calculating a mortgage or coming back to the site after being just a ‘browsing’ type of lead, we know we need to follow up.”

Make Real Estate Success Easy in Q4

It’s time for the system that gives you an edge and the tools to keep you on top. See how BoomTown makes it easy.



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