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Ryan Wilson // Edge Realty RI

Next-Level Success

In 2021, good real estate tools are a dime a dozen. But for growth-driven agents & brokers like Ryan Wilson, it comes down to separating the good from the great.
Broker/Owner of Edge Realty in Rhode Island, Ryan Wilson had settled into a groove with his thriving boutique real estate agency, serving Rhode Island’s competitive luxury waterfront market and finding success doing it. But as the family-owned operation grew from a team of 4 to what would eventually be 30 agents, Ryan had the foresight to know that he needed his technology to level-up as well.
Early on, after dabbling with some solutions with basic-level functionality (Contactually & Top Producer), Ryan moved to Sierra Interactive to experience a wider variety of features and capabilities. Then, as his team began their expansion, he landed on BoomTown as the right tool to drive that growth, while empowering and unifying his entire team within one central system.


Tools to Empower Agents

BoomTown was built to empower real estate businesses from the ground up, with tools to help entry-level single agents thrive as well as robust enterprise solutions for broker-owners and multi-city expansion teams.
For Ryan, it was important to have a solution that helps his agents close more deals while giving him the transparency, data, and metrics necessary to manage and support a team. With BoomTown’s Accountability Dashboard, Ryan can see if his agents are following up with their leads, plugging them into SmartDrip automated marketing campaigns, and reaching out when new “hot” leads register on their site or show interest in a property. (All of the activities that help convert online leads into closed deals!)
To take it even further, with the BoomTown Vitals Dashboard, Ryan can see how his business’s performance on the BoomTown system compares to other BoomTown users… because a little friendly competition never hurt anyone, right?

“We needed something with a little bit more capability as far as the tracking and recording and reporting on what our other agents were doing within our framework. We reached out to a few brokerages throughout the country that were using BoomTown at the time and it just seemed like a much better fit for us to expand out.”


Empowering Agents to be Proactive & Productive

  • Actionable Insights: Lead activity is tracked within the real estate CRM system to give agents predictive insights on top opportunities most likely to engage in conversation.

  • Hot Sheet with MLS Updates: Agents can keep tabs on hot listings and get every update right in the CRM.

  • Smart Prospecting Tools: Match your best listings with the most fitting and interested homebuyers with Best-Fit Leads. The Opportunity “NOW” Wall shows you leads to focus on and when to reach out to contacts.

  • Mobile App and Consumer App: Never miss a beat and keep up with new leads and conversations on the go. Plus, the consumer app will keep your leads coming back.

  • Success Assurance: A Lead Concierge Service handles lead engagement for you, following up and qualifying leads 24/7 and passing them off to the agents when they’re conversation-ready.
  • Expert Onboarding & Training

    We often say, “A tool is only as good as the hands that wield it.” Meaning, we can provide the most robust, complex, powerful technology ever, and it simply doesn’t matter if it’s not easy (and enjoyable) to use. That’s why BoomTown has 100+ team members dedicated solely to client success, onboarding, training, and support.
    For a broker with 30 agents to manage, being able to trust BoomTown with the training and technical support was a gamechanger for Ryan.
    “The fundamental training classes are super useful especially when we’re onboard and new agents or have introduced new agents into the Boomtown and everything because that’s something that takes a huge workload off of us from the very beginning. From a brokerage standpoint– from a management standpoint and maintaining the ease of being able to communicate with the support team is extremely advantageous.”

    A Data-Driven Process

    The biggest differentiator that Ryan experienced between BoomTown and the other solutions he tested was the data-driven lead insights. Tools that are necessary for next-level growth.

    “I remember the first time of going into BoomTown just feeling like, “Woah.” The amount of information that they’re able to capture for any single prospect, the amount of tracking that they’re able to then relay over to you. It’s amazing. Compared to what we had before, so.”


    When it comes to converting leads from your database, it’s all about being in the right place at the right time. And if you don’t have a fortune-teller on your staff, you’re not going to be able to do that without the support of technology.

    Seeing when a lead registers on your website is one thing, but what if you could see more granular details and patterns like:

    • • What neighborhoods they’re searching in
    • • Did they calculate a loan?
    • • Did they favorite the property?
    • • Did they send the property to someone else?

    “That is one of the biggest features I find helpful, is when you get somebody that pops up in your NOW wall and it says they looked at this property from three different locations. What that tells me is that they liked that property enough to text that property over to their husband or wife, or email it to somebody else, or they calculated the loan on it. So “hyper interest” in the properties was the biggest feature difference that I found to be very useful.”


    Ryan Wilson runs his real estate business with his eye on the long-term prize; healthy, sustainable growth. Which is why when it came down to deciding on a long-term technology partner, he didn’t want to settle for just good but instead invest in the best. And after coming in at just under $100 million in closed sales in 2020, we’d say the ROI is paying off.


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