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What You Need to do Daily, Weekly, and Monthly to be the Go-To Expert in Your Market

From how you spend your time to the big decisions you make, what you do today impacts the experience you’ll have tomorrow. 


The past shapes the future, but you have control over your situation right now. If you’re ready to become the best real estate team in your market, start today. 


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Becoming Accountable To Your Business Goals 


Visions of amazing success require amazing action steps to make them real. The one thing holding you back from becoming the go-to expert in your local market is your team’s accountability. 


Everyone sets goals, but not everyone achieves them. 


What separates the ones who want it from the ones who attain it? Accountability.  


Accountability is your ability to make a goal and get there. By being accountable to your goals, you will put in the work to make them a reality.


Accountability empowers your goals with sustained activities and best practices, allowing you to do what you set out to do — rather than never making it because you didn’t actually take the steps to get there. 

Earning Your Expertise


Right now, it’s more important than ever to know your stuff. Real estate agents who want to increase their market share need to have a finger on the pulse of their local markets and a constant eye on national trends.


If your business goal is growth, you need to attract more leads and lock in their business by rolling out a five-star experience from click to close. 


This all happens when you’re the expert in your market. That’s what makes buyers and sellers trust you, viewing your value as an irreplaceable asset to their transactions. 


Becoming the expert doesn’t happen overnight. And, even if you are the expert, you have to work hard to maintain your thought leadership in the industry. 


If you want to earn your expertise, you need to deploy accountability strategies. 

Accountability Starts Today: Here’s How 


Ready to become the best team in your market? Up your expertise by improving your accountability culture. If you want to set your real estate business up for success, here’s what you need to be doing monthly, weekly, and daily.


Do These 3 Things Every Month 


  • Plan to take your team to annual and quarterly industry events, like Inman Connect, that will keep your sphere tapped into the world of real estate.
  • Review the latest data and research publications shared by the National Association of REALTORS®. In addition to the many articles released predicting the latest trends, the monthly reports for Existing Home Sales show key market data and upcoming predictions that can help you guide your clients. 
  • Check out the latest coverage on national trends from HousingWire. This can be a great way to tap into the latest real estate conversations and hear the perspectives of research firms and thought leaders. 


Pro Tip: Take what you’re learning and share it with your sphere of influence! Convert these data insights into regular market reports that you can send out as a newsletter to your database contacts. This can be a simple touch-point that keeps you connected with your leads and past clients by sharing a valuable asset. 


After all, everyone has questions about the housing market. If you can answer those questions, you're elevating your position as the expert in your market. 

What to Do Every Week 


  • Look at your local data and specs. To make this part of your team’s workflow, you can set aside thirty minutes in your weekly meeting to review market performance, trends, and the numbers that everyone on your team needs to know. 
  • Discuss an action plan with your team based on the market data. Local experts are always responding to the real-time circumstances of the market. To best serve your clients, map out a team-wide strategy for the week that can be deployed by the entire team. 
  • Invest one hour into training. Make a strong effort to keep up with your tech tools and troubleshoot any issues your team members may be having with your software. 


Keep On Track with Daily Actions 


  • Check out your local MLS. Is there anything new, from sales to listings? To be the expert, you need to know exactly what’s going on in your market day in and day out. Think of this like reading the newspaper and invest a few minutes every day to explore the MLS. 
  • Keep in touch with leads. Every day is an opportunity to stay in front of your sphere. As you reach out to your active clients, follow up with leads, and stay in touch with your past clients, always operate with a service-driven mindset. 
  • Communicate with your team. Always have an open line of communication connecting your group where you can deal with any issues, stay on top of transactions, and plan for future wins. 


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