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Why Agents Need to Think More About the Consumer Experience

We know you’re focused on generating the best outcome for your real estate transactions. 


  • You work hard to find buyer clients a home that fulfills their wants and needs, is in the right location, and is listed at the right price. 
  • You do your best to help seller leads create a compelling listing for their properties, select the right buyer, and negotiate on behalf of their best interests. 


You already know what you need to do to generate a successful closing — but it’s not all about the destination. For your real estate clients, it’s also about the journey. 


Why the Experience Your Clients Has is So Important 


The process of buying or selling a home can draw up many emotions, and the escrow process isn’t always common knowledge among consumers — especially first-timers. 


Buyers and sellers want to have a smooth real estate transaction experience, and they place their trust in agents to serve as their guides. Giving your clients a good experience is how you lock in a lifelong client and potentially access referrals. 


  • If someone enjoyed working with you, it’s likely that they’ll call you when they’re ready for their next transaction. 
  • When someone they know is looking for a real estate agent, they’d recommend your services. 


This is one way to build up a strong reputation in your area and gain more market share. 


Pro Tip: Remember, past clients are like a hidden goldmine in your real estate database. They already know what it’s like to work with you, so most of the work it takes to convert them is already done. 


If you want to reap the benefits of happy clients that keep on coming back and sending strong leads your way, make sure that you’re providing excellent service and unbeatable transaction experiences. 

4 Things to Do to Create Amazing Consumer Experiences 


Start improving your consumer experience today by adopting these four best practices. 

#1. Provide Digestible Information


Not every buyer and seller is a real estate expert. As an agent, you can help your clients feel comfortable and confident with their transactions by providing them with easy-to-understand educational resources. 


Break down the information so that it’s easy for them to digest without feeling overwhelmed. Help your clients understand why you’re deploying specific strategies. 


  • Tell buyers why you suggest submitting an earnest money deposit if the market is particularly competitive. 
  • Help sellers understand how you’re pricing their listing based on comparables and market conditions. 


Pro Tip: Going the extra mile to walk your clients through their transaction strategy will demonstrate your expertise and knowledge. You’ll position yourself as an irreplaceable asset in their real estate transaction, helping you build a lifelong relationship with the people you work with. 


#2. Make Yourself Available 


Your clients want to have someone to reach out to when they have questions or need something. Making yourself available is one of the best ways that you can curate a pleasant experience for consumers. 


  • Get back to them when they message you. 
  • Call them back as quickly as you can. 
  • Contact them first to address unspoken concerns that you may have picked up on. 


Remember, buyers and sellers have a lot on the line. They don’t want to be left in the dark or feel like they’re being put on the back burner. Show them that they’re a priority by being there for them when they need you. 

#3. Make Sure They Feel Heard


Buying and selling a home can be an emotional process for many people, and clients want to work with an agent that understands and supports their needs. 


Above all, your clients want to feel heard. When they speak to you about something, actively listen.


  • If they’re voicing concerns, asking questions, or explaining their circumstances, take the time to listen to them and let them know that you understand. 
  • If you’re unsure about anything, ask questions to learn more. 
  • Be fully engaged, and keep track of what clients tell you so you can reference it down the line. 


Once they’ve fully communicated what it is they had to tell you, provide them with actionable feedback. 


  • If they’re having an issue, provide options for solutions with gentle recommendations. 
  • If they had a question, provide them with educational resources to help them learn about the topic. 
  • Provide customized solutions for their needs and do what you can to address their unique circumstances. 

#4. Provide a Seamless Technology Experience 


Your clients don’t want to be burdened with any gaps or glitches. They want a smooth and streamlined transaction process that’s optimized by best-in-class technology — not one that’s weighed down by complicated digital processes.


Today’s consumers want Amazon speed and boutique service. Deploying the right technology solutions can help you foster a seamless technology-powered experience for your consumers.


When building out your tech toolkit, think about how each tool will impact your customer experience. Prioritize software that is easy to use, mobile, and consumer-friendly. 


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