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Why Lead Engagement Should Be a Top Priority for Real Estate Agents

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For many years in real estate, the hottest topic (and #1 demand from real estate technology companies) has been lead generation. How can I generate more online leads? What sources should I use? And how can I lower my cost per lead?
Let’s flip things on their head a bit and cover why lead engagement (or lead follow up) should really be the star and your top priority this year.

Lead Gen…and Then What?

Lead generation is important, but with a great wealth of leads comes great responsibility. As more new leads register on your site, the time you are required to spend responding, engaging, and qualifying those leads goes up. And that time is incredibly important if you want to actually convert the leads that you’ve generated.

How important is quick and effective lead engagement/follow up?

  • • 90% of real estate agents will give up on a lead after the first four touches, despite the fact that 70% of the time that lead will go on to buy a home within the year, just with a different agent. (NAR)
  • • 80% of prospects are deemed ‘bad leads’ by sales teams, and yet still go on to purchase within 24 months (NAR)
  • • Responding instantly to inquiries can increase lead conversion rates by up to 391% (Zillow & MIT)

We live in a culture of instant. The best and most successful businesses have adapted to those consumer demands and not only meet consumer expectations but exceed them by anticipating needs. When Sara Homebuyer is browsing properties on your site, that moment is your best chance of connecting with her, getting her attention, and moving her further down the funnel to having a conversation with you.
But, let’s be honest, sometimes it’s too much for a busy real estate agent to handle. Many default to hiring an Inside Sales Agent, which can work quite well, however, there are limitations: the time and expense of hiring and training plus they’re still only available 40 hours a week (leaving leads who register outside of those hours waiting for a touchpoint.)
Another option is using a system that automatically responds on your behalf using a bot or AI technology. What’s the downfall there? Real estate is a business of people. It’s all about making connections, showing your value, and guiding your clients through the experience of buying or selling their home.

86% of consumers prefer communicating with humans over chatbots. [Forbes]


So, when it comes to the first point of contact with a lead…we recommend putting your best foot forward and making the impression your business deserves.

Seamless Engagement

How do you assure that…
• Your leads are contacted and qualified quickly (24/7)
• Your leads are getting the right message at the right time
• Your brand is accurately represented
• Your leads get white glove customer service
• And you’re not glued to your desk


Enter the Lead Concierge Service. The solution that checks all the boxes. Lead Concierge Services, like Success Assurance from BoomTown, handle lead engagement and follow up for you. Making sure the critical first point of contact happens when and how it should, while allowing you to focus on more “dollar productive activities.”
The things you really got into real estate to do — showings, open houses, client meetings, closings, community networking, etc.

Assured Success


Hit the ground running and see better ROI

• Avoid the expenses and hassles of hiring, training, additional overhead and turnover.
• Rest assured your lead generation investments are paying off
• Allow agents to work only active buyers and sellers, and accelerate conversions
Leverage the experts, but make it your own

• Offload follow-up to experts who nurture your leads for up to a year, re-engage past leads, monitor and take action on high interest behaviors, and provide immersive texting and calling options
• Personalize campaigns with brand messaging
• Receive real-time notifications in the convenience of a mobile app
• Jump in to take over communication at any time or point of engagement
Fill your pipeline and drive conversions

• Fill your pipeline with qualified leads that are ready for agents
• Lean on the concierges to monitor your database for important behaviors and reach out with the right messaging at the right time
• Let your team focus on active buyers and sellers

Enjoy a unified platform and track performance

• Streamline your process without multiple vendors and systems. All communication is housed within your BoomTown CRM.
• See a comprehensive dashboard, where every action is tracked, for full transparency and ROI-tracking
• Rate and review concierge conversations for constant improvement

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