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Adam Hergenrother // Hergenrother Realty Group

Hergenrother Realty Group is one of the biggest expansion teams within Keller Williams, with 19 teams in 16 states.

In 2006, Adam Hergenrother borrowed $8,000 for a small office space to begin his career in real estate. A little over a decade later, he owns 5 businesses and manages multiple real estate offices across the continental U.S.

For Adam, expanding his business has always been about creating something bigger than himself. He learned early on that reaching a number of zeros on a paycheck wasn’t enough to make him feel truly successful. It was breaking past barriers, and empowering other people along the way.

You’ve got to want it. Adam had a pivotal moment early in life that shaped his work ethic. At 15, he was 100lbs overweight, depressed, and failing in school. Desperate to make a shift, he stayed up all night visualizing what he wanted his life to look like, and strategizing what steps he’d have to take to get there. Within a year he had lost the weight, turned his grades around, and become the quarterback of the football team. That tenacity stuck with Adam over the course of his career.