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Brandon Prewitt // RE/MAX Metro Plus

After years on a frustrating system, Brandon Prewitt switched to BoomTown for two reasons: ease of use and game-changing support.




"I Need a Partner, Not a Wall of Webinars"

Back in 2011, Brandon was on the hunt for a real estate software provider. As a single-agent, he was doing pretty well, and his database of leads was growing rapidly. He needed something to streamline his process, and ultimately scale his business. So, he signed with Commissions, INC. It fit the bill for his price range and had a lot of exciting “bells and whistles” he was looking forward to trying.

Brandon's Experience with CINC

  • Reaching out for support always seemed to lead to a dead end, or a new person who knew nothing about his business.
  • User experience was a major struggle, and the system was clunky and difficult.
  • He was only taking advantage of about 10% of the functionality, because the system was too complicated, and he didn't have time to spend hours on end watching webinars.

"With Commissions Inc., support was really lacking. When I signed on with them, there was no on-boarding. There was no, 'Here's what you do to be successful using our system.' It was, 'Here's your username. Here's your password. Good luck.'"

Features that Drive Success

Brandon needed a way to categorize his leads, not just get them all into one spot. When you're in the trenches, calling leads and going on back-to-back appointments, you need to be able to simply click a button and filter the leads in your system. Brandon wanted to easily sort through leads and see: "Which leads are 3-6 months out from buying a home?" Or, "Which leads are 6+ months out?"

"I don't need to have all of these complicated algorithms or labeling mechanisms to be able to filter down all this information. I just want to click a button and see all those people. That's it."

On the BoomTown platform, it became possible.


After seeing how easy it is to switch, Brandon made the jump, and didn't look back. He finally had a system that could turn his 4,000+ leads into workable lists. Pair that with an expert support staff, and a user-friendly platform and you've got a partner that doesn't just clump your leads together, but instead drives success.

"It comes down to simplicity. BoomTown is easier to navigate, and it’s just all around more user-friendly. At the end of the day all of those buttons that CINC had were just noise.”

Brandon's Favorite Features

"The NOW Mobile App's awesome because I'm always on the go. So I like to be able to just see who's on there. Who's on the site? Who do I need to call? What are my to-dos for the day? I appreciate the simplicity. It's not just a ton of information in your face. It's just: call, email, or leave a note on their profile."

"The Sharing Library, where other agents upload their Smart-Drip plans and what they're utilizing. I mean, I just go in and dive into that stuff, which has been really, really good.

Success is in the palm of your hand. Check out BoomTown NOW

Night and Day Difference


Since switching to BoomTown, Brandon has...

  • Increased his follow-up with leads
  • Increased his lead conversions
  • Stayed on top of conversations with leads that may have previously fallen through the cracks.

With BoomTown, it's all about creating more opportunities.

Regular phone calls with a BoomTown success manager have kept him focused on his business goals. During his on-boarding, the "bulk import" of his 4,000+ lead database was naturally a stressful day. "But I knew I had someone, a live person, my own specialist that I could call and talk to. We were in it together."

A night and day difference from his experience with Commissions, Inc.