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Brandon Prewitt // RE/MAX Metro Plus

After years on a frustrating system, Brandon Prewitt switched to BoomTown for two reasons: ease of use and game-changing support.




“I Need a Partner, Not a Wall of Webinars”

Back in 2011, Brandon was on the hunt for a real estate software provider. As a single-agent, he was doing pretty well, and his database of leads was growing rapidly. He needed something to streamline his process, and ultimately scale his business. So, he signed with Commissions, INC. It fit the bill for his price range and had a lot of exciting “bells and whistles” he was looking forward to trying.

Brandon’s Experience with CINC

  • Reaching out for support always seemed to lead to a dead end, or a new person who knew nothing about his business.
  • User experience was a major struggle, and the system was clunky and difficult.
  • He was only taking advantage of about 10% of the functionality, because the system was too complicated, and he didn’t have time to spend hours on end watching webinars.