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Caitlyn Mulligan // RE/MAX Revolution

Caitlyn Mulligan REMAX Revolution BoomTown Real Estate CRM

Getting Time Back, with Tech

Caitlyn Mulligan, Team Leader of RE/MAX Revolution, values one thing above all else: time.
She knows that all too often in real estate, agents get swept up into the chaos and end up spinning their wheels without making much progress. It’s why there’s such a high turnover rate for new agents. And after overcoming a major health event in her personal life, she gained even more clarity and determination to build a business that would allow her to live the life she wants (and deserves).

But she is determined to accomplish 2 things.
(1) Be financially successful.
(2) Have time to enjoy her life.

And she’s balancing it all with BoomTown.

Dollar Productivity

You hear a lot about productivity, but what does it mean to be “dollar productive?” It means focusing on activities that are the best for your bottom line. By focusing on the dollar productive activities, you can avoid spending time on things that don’t bring much value to you or your business and instead invest your time and effort where it is needed most.

“My routine has totally changed. I actually have MORE time to myself because I’m not doing the tedious tasks.”

Caitlyn didn’t get into real estate to send email alerts or hand-build marketing campaigns from scratch. She got into real estate because she wanted to help people find their dream home.
“Caitlyn Mulligan understands that buying or selling a home is more than just a transaction: it’s a life-changing experience.”
So, she sought out the technology that would allow her to focus on just that.

Operation Delegate & Automate

With BoomTown, Caitlyn was able to automate:
• eAlerts, sending properties to leads based on their search criteria
• Long-term lead nurture through Smart Drip Campaigns
• Pipeline management
• Lead qualification & concierge services with Success Assurance

Powerful Database of Leads + Easy-to-Use CRM


In real estate, agents and brokers often plateau a few years in. At that point, what separates the average agents from the top producers is building a framework for your business that allows you to passively generate, qualify, and nurture leads. As your database grows, the pool of leads that have been nurtured over time grows as well.
The consistent pipeline becomes the gift that keeps on giving.

For Caitlyn, having a database of organized leads is something she can’t live without.

“I’m generating new business and I can easily reach everyone in my database. It’s all on my phone – the instant someone registers.”

Predictive lead insights are what make conversions skyrocket and keep agents productive. Don’t know the next step? Don’t worry, BoomTown does. The system will tell you exactly where to focus, what leads are hot right now, and exactly when to reach out.
Or, better yet, BoomTown’s lead concierge service will reach out for you, 24/7, in as little as 90 seconds. This assures that your leads are being engaged as soon as possible while allowing you to focus on other, more pressing tasks. (Remember when we mentioned dollar productivity?)
Visibility into lead activity is what really changed the game for Caitlyn.

“I love how I can see where my clients are looking and where they continue to look. I can see how many times they’re looking at a property, which helps me gauge their interest or home styles.”

Beyond the lead generation and automation tools, Caitlyn appreciates the ease-of-use with BoomTown. After trying another, she experienced first-hand the stark contrast between the 12+ years of innovation behind BoomTown and other solutions that simply don’t compete.

“The other system? I hated it. I won’t put my clients into it. The user face isn’t as easy and I can’t see where my leads are looking! I love my BoomTown features.”

Weighing the Value

At the end of the day, it’s all about getting value out of your system. Caitlyn wants to accomplish 2 things in real estate: be financially successful and have time to enjoy her life.

Looking for a new real estate technology partner? Follow Caitlyn’s lead and don’t settle for less than the best.
• Consumer-facing websites designed to attract and convert leads
• Full-circle pipeline management
• Expert lead generation
• Lead qualification and concierge services
• Predictive CRM
• Success management and legendary support services
• An ecosystem of integration partners

“If you’re on the fence about BoomTown… do it. Don’t let the cost scare you. It will 100% pay off if you use it!”

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