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Doug Edrington // Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices J Douglas Properties

In real estate, two things are true. (1) The industry can change at lightning speed and (2) delivering incredible customer service is absolutely critical. A modern real estate business needs to evolve and adapt fluidly without ever losing sight of that premium customer experience.
Doug Edrington, CEO at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices J Douglas Properties, does those two things incredibly well. He stays ahead of the curve, anticipating and embracing change while staying laser-focused on the client.


Evolving with Technology


    “If you continue to evolve with the technology that is handed to you, seeing it as an opportunity instead of a headache, you’re going to stay ahead of the curve.”


Doug partnered with BoomTown to function as the central technology hub of his business. In addition to lead generation, the predictive CRM and lead follow-up capabilities allowed Doug’s team to stay consistent with their lead communication and sales flow.

The hidden value in a database comes from the wealth of leads that convert over time. They’re entered in the system, and over time through smart, automated touches, leads that you generated 6 months or 5 years ago will start to pop back up and convert.

    “Implementing BoomTown opened our eyes to really see all the possibilities. BoomTown has all the tools you need to nurture your leads to get them where they need to be: ready to talk to you.”


A good leader knows that it’s critical to get their team trained properly on a system. Adoption is necessary to use a tool to its fullest potential. And Doug Edrington works hard to provide value to his agents. BoomTown was a natural fit, being easy-to-use, intuitive, and designed to make agents successful.

    “Every single team member embraced the BoomTown system very quickly. We soon realized how much we wished we had it a long time ago. It just made a lot of sense. I think we would go crazy if we ever lost it.”


Good Leadership Means Focusing on Relationships

We know the classic adage in real estate: Clients work with people they know, like, and trust. And Doug has built his business around living up to those expectations. Real estate home buyers and sellers want someone to solve their problems and rise to the occasion.
For Doug, that means setting up his agents for success with the right training, processes, culture, and technology systems.

    “We can’t forget the basics, we still continue to do all the foundational things. But we also understand that one person cannot do this business by themselves anymore. It has to be a team. BoomTown gives us the tools to gain the advantage of all the people surrounding us that make us successful.”

When you are scaling a real estate business you need to deliver excellent service at a high volume. That’s a lot of touchpoints and a lot of opportunities to drop the ball if you’re not careful. With BoomTown’s predictive CRM and lead insights, he can assure that leads in the system are being engaged with the right information at the right time. Quality and quantity.

Accountability Wins the Race

A high-functioning team can only thrive with strong accountability measures in place. Even for the most diligent of self-motivators, some type of accountability will not only make sure they’re accomplishing their goals, but it will push them even further and make your business more profitable.
Even with powerful technology, a tool is only as good as the one who wields it. Doug relies on BoomTown’s To-Dos, follow-up & nurture plans, and accountability dashboard to keep his team productive.

    “BoomTown has been a really great platform for us all around. From a team leader perspective, the Dashboards have given us a whole new level of accountability.”

With insights from the Accountability Dashboard, Doug can make sure his team is engaging with the right leads at the right time. He also knows when there’s room for improvement and how to work with the agent to help them succeed.

Triple Your Business


BoomTown clients have a tendency to triple their business in the first five years working on the platform. Once again, Doug is ahead of the curve, tripling his business in just two years.
The best part is that the system is designed to grow with you. So as Doug’s team expands and his agents take on higher and higher volume, Boomtown grows alongside him to fit his evolving needs.

    “We’ve evolved quite a bit from when we first started our business in 2004,” says Doug. “The market has changed a lot as Chattanooga exploded from a small town into a bustling city hub. As the city continues to grow, customer needs will also change. It’s important to adapt and evolve with the market in order to efficiently meet your client’s shifting needs.”


Innovation is no longer a technology buzzword but a critical component of a thriving real estate team. Consistently rising to the demands of modern real estate consumers and adapting to better serve his unique team structure is why Doug trusts BoomTown to power his business.


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