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Eric Pearson // Pearson Smith Realty

Eric Pearson built the right foundation, but when he empowered it with the right system, he increased revenue by 150%.

Using only Zillow Premier, and his sphere of influence for lead generation, he steadily increased his production during his first year in real estate from zero to $17mm in 2012. It was impressive growth, but Eric was in need of a stronger lead generation plan to sustain it, and an agile system to maintain it.

Life Before BoomTown

Eric was using an Excel spreadsheet as his leads management system, which led to a great deal of time spent organizing data and trying to understand the effectiveness of each lead source. He manually sent email blasts to his leads, and without any analytics or a guided follow-up process, it wasn’t easy to tell why some prospects were turning into customers and others were not. His steady growth enabled him to grow from 2 to 22 agents in just one year, but individual agents each had their own processes and workarounds that were making it difficult to measure results.

He knew it was time to invest in a comprehensive system, but he felt burned from trying multiple systems that just couldn’t cut it. Despite having just purchased another system, Eric took a leap of faith to go with BoomTown, and says it was the best decision he ever made.