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Kevin Smits // The Smits Team

Ever feel like all the promises made by companies never fully reach you?

Somehow, you’re this one, exempt person, who can’t see the same results that you hear about — that you read about in stories. You’ve thought about changing things up. Changing process. Changing software tools.

You just want to hit your goals. You’re not sure if you do [X] that it’ll generate [Y]. There are doubts. You start to wonder: how do you reach the level of that success?

You’d think it would be impossible, but it’s not. You just have to be a little crafty … which is why I want to share Kevin Smits’ story. He’s spent the last 3 years measuring the results different software companies have had on his business. And the lessons he’s learned are invaluable to anyone wanting to know if they should make a switch.

Different Results from Competing Companies

Every business decision is based on ROI, return on investment. So, how do you choose between competing software companies that promise results?

You measure them. Kevin took the same approach he uses across his team. He tracks and measures their performance. Just like he holds an agent accountable to their deals. He purchased both Commissions Inc and BoomTown; then monitored the results.

Here’s what Kevin learned …

With the same ad budget, used for the same MLS market, BoomTown generated more leads — 101% more. Kevin’s agents were also closing more deals from BoomTown leads.

The Smits Team saw 33% more commission income from BoomTown than Commissions Inc.

Essentially, Kevin was spending twice as much on Commissions Inc leads. Why BoomTown came out ahead, according to Kevin, was because of the dedicated digital marketing experts he got access to, the easier-to-use software tools his agents employed, and regular success coaching from support staff.

Tools to Convert Leads

Everyone knows it takes work to convert a lead into an appointment. How easy it is depends on the technology you use.

Just like how Kevin monitored the lead generation performance between BoomTown and Commissions Inc, he also polled his agents on which software worked better for them. The conclusion? BoomTown’s system had stronger lead insights, could recognize buying signals, and helped automate the lead nurture process (without a bunch of pain to do it).

Kevin’s favorite tool is the NOW panel. It pulls up a quick feed, listing the latest activity from his leads. They can view recent activity and gauge their likeliness to convert. BoomTown knows when to present the opportunity, so an agent can take action. This symbiotic relationship has helped lead to better conversion for the Smits Team.


Why “Measuring” Adds Value

Smart business decisions come from data. It’s easier to pinpoint what is and isn’t working when you’re taking the time to measure the results.

For Kevin, it’s vital since he manages his office remotely from Puerto Rico during parts of the year. He needs to know what’s going on with his business, and he uses BoomTown to keep track of everything. There are days when he has to talk with his agents and ask, “Why aren’t you closing deals here?” He pulls up their communication with leads in BoomTown and helps them improve.

He uses the same philosophy when it comes to technology. He looks at what is working and adjusts it. Without measuring the results, he wouldn’t be able to make these decisions — decisions that cost his business money. Investing in software providers like BoomTown and Commissions Inc is not always a simple choice, but knowing the real results behind them makes it easier.

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