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Kyle Whissel // The Whissel Realty Group

kyle whissel exp realty

“We’d be lost without it…”

Kyle Whissel, with The Whissel Realty Group, is doing something right. Actually, he’s doing a lot of things right. His business, The Whissel Realty Group, has been ranked the #1 team in San Diego and #76 team in the country! So what is the secret sauce behind this success?

Step 1: invest in real estate technology that functions as a partner in your success. For Kyle Whissel, BoomTown is the only choice.

“We initially got BoomTown in 2012. That first year that we implemented BoomTown we went from 82 to 242 transactions…. so that was a huge quantum leap for us!”

A System that’s Scalable

The most successful businesses are built from a model that is (A) repeatable and (B) scalable. When Kyle’s team began to see more and more listings, they knew that they had to take advantage of those listings to generate leads. But without a technology system in place that could support the level of transactions they were hoping to reach, they were leaving money on the table.

“We needed to leverage those listings to get more leads. And then when we had more leads we needed more people. The system we were on previously was not built to scale that up… so we went to BoomTown.”

With BoomTown, Whissel Realty Group was able to:

  • Manage a large database of leads
  • Generate a healthy pipeline of new leads
  • Manage follow-up and long-term lead nurture
  • Hold agents accountable and track performance

“When you take a business that’s on the right track, but when you actually implement systems in place that help you manage all of that, that’s what takes you to the next level.”

The Best of the Best in Technology

Think about your favorite car. Or the toothpaste brand you use. Those names (Mercedes, Ford, Crest, Colgate), they evoke a sense of familiarity and trust because they’ve been around for decades. BoomTown has been powering real estate professionals for over 10 years. With its beginnings in the Great Recession in 2008, BoomTown’s technology and people have proven that they can adapt, grow, and continue to drive success for real estate teams. (And we’re not slowing down!)

For Kyle, it’s all about working with a leader in technology. He doesn’t have time for a platform that is playing “catch up” and working out the kinks. He trusts the company that powers 40% of the REAL Trends top 250 teams.

“You can’t catch up to what BoomTown has done in 10+ years. They are innovating at a really fast pace at BoomTown and you don’t want to get left in the dust with something that’s behind the times, because it’s probably never going to catch up.”

Let’s Talk Dollars and Sense

Kyle Whissel is great at selling real estate. And he’s even better at running a business. He knows that if you want to run a business that is scalable, efficient, and built for long-term success, you need to invest in the right infrastructure and processes. Sometimes that means not cutting corners and using the best possible technology available.

“The saying holds true… you get what you pay for. You can get produce from a 99¢ store, but do you?”

He compares it to when his team works with a FSBO. They let the seller know that the reason they should work with the Whissel Realty Group is that they’re going to put the most money possible in your pocket. It takes more of an investment up front, but at the end of the day what matters is the “money in the pocket” AKA the ROI.



Choosing the Right CRM

So what should you consider when investing in a real estate technology partner? Your CRM should do the following:

  • Hold Agents Accountable: For brokers, the accountability tools in a CRM can be invaluable. Track agent performance by making sure they’re staying on top of lead follow-up and prospecting.
  • Capture More Opportunities: With an organized database of leads (tags and segments), it is easier to keep track of where your leads are in the pipeline. Agents are alerted when follow-ups are needed, so no lead gets left behind.
  • Generate More Leads: With a team of expert digital marketers, your brand is highlighted in the best quality advertisements on Google and Facebook, generating high-quality leads.
  • Reduce Busy Work: One of the most important benefits of a CRM is that it can automate busy work, like emailing and texting new prospects. This frees up time for agents to expand their sphere, spend more quality time with clients, or even just take a vacation.
  • Be Smarter with Prospecting: At BoomTown we like to encourage “Smart Prospecting.” This means organizing your lead database into workable lists. You’re not just blinding scrolling through a Rolodex of numbers, you’re working with targeted leads and you know what they want.
  • Sync with Other Tools: There is no “one size fits all” tool in real estate. The best CRM will offer different packages that can better fit your needs, but even then, there are other tools outside of the CRM that you’ll likely still want to use. This is why it’s important to have a CRM that integrates with other technology. BoomTown seamlessly integrates with companies like dotloop (transaction management software).
  • Improve Agent Experience: At the end of the day, real estate is all about providing an excellent customer experience. A good CRM will assist agents in providing this experience but will go even further and improve the agent experience as well. A CRM should be intuitive, easy and enjoyable to use. And the provider should include excellent training as well as customer support.


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