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NextHome Broker Builds $177m Business with BoomTown


They say the best CRM is the one you actually use. And for Thomas Shumpert, Broker/Owner of NextHome Specialists, this fact was paramount as he grew his business. As he identified the need for a CRM, he knew he had to find something that not only his agents would use (and love), but also that he could utilize as a central hub to run his entire business. 


Strategically, he identified some non-negotiables from day 1 of his search for the right technology partner. 


  • Robust platform with a high level of capabilities and features
  • Customer service and support
  • Scalability 


Is Your CRM Ahead of the Curve?


With over 12 years of innovation, BoomTown paves the way for agent-driven real estate technology. And with other tech companies and franchises jumping into the space, there’s a lot to choose from. Many agents and brokers, like Thomas, who are part of a franchise, leverage their internal technology in addition to BoomTown. Speaking volumes to how pivotal BoomTown is to their success. 


“NextHome created a CRM from the ground up, which was a major undertaking -- and they did a phenomenal job. But when you’re building anything, you aspire to be other things, and that other thing is BoomTown, which I consider the best CRM on the market. A lot of the tools that NextHome offers us as brokers and agents are compatible with BoomTown!” 


Compatibility is key for any successful tech stack. Which is why Thomas leverages BoomTown’s expansive network of integration partners. 


“We utilize BombBomb, Spacio. All those things are interactive with BoomTown. And so the technology has grown with us and helped us provide more tools for our agents and then better follow-up with our clients.” 


A question Thomas gets a lot from fellow brokers and agents is, “Is BoomTown worth the cost?” For any small business, it’s always a matter of investment and ROI. Which is why it’s so important to leverage technology that you will actually use. 


“The investment is nothing at this point once I realized what BoomTown could do and how it could help me manage a team, and really scale my business. If you're not going to utilize tools and you're not going to really use them to their capacity, then you definitely want to go with a free CRM. 


But if you want to take it to the next level and you know how to utilize CRMs, you know drip campaigns, you know the importance of staying in front of your folks, then you definitely want something that's more robust and can handle that growth and help you get there. And BoomTown has all the systems in place, so it makes it really, really easy.”


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Unparalleled Support


Real estate is a dynamic, constantly evolving industry. With market shifts left and right, new technology, and changing consumer demands, it’s never been more critical to have a technology partner that will empower your business at every turn. 


Thomas is a forward-thinking entrepreneur. He wants to build a “shockproof” business with a reliable pipeline and sustainable growth. It was important for him to work with a true technology partner, not just a platform. 


“A non-negotiable is customer service. We pay you guys, definitely, what you're worth, but your customer service is, hands down, probably one of the biggest reasons we've stayed and grown and bought more platforms because we never doubt that we're going to be answered quickly. with all the technological support we need. And that kind of customer service is what we try to offer, and it's nice to work with someone like BoomTown who offers it as well.”


Working with BoomTown, Thomas has a roadmap for success. He has access to nine specialized teams of experts as well as internal communities of peers to strategize and mastermind how to get ahead. 


Don’t Just Grow, Scale 


Rapid growth comes with its own set of challenges. So creating steady, sustainable growth is what sets apart the long-term winners in real estate. Thomas has leveraged BoomTown to help him scale, starting on a smaller platform that suited his needs and then growing to more robust packages over time. So you only pay for what you need, not what you don’t. 


Thomas runs an expansion team, with five offices in South Carolina, one office in Florida, and 66 agents. That’s a lot to manage! With BoomTown his agents are able to customize their ad spend (helpful for unique markets!) and Thomas has a birds-eye view of how everyone is performing through accountability dashboards within the platform. 


“I was able to scale an office that's eight hours away from me by giving them a BoomTown platform that I can manage and watch from here [in South Carolina]. We also spend a lot of money with Zillow, and I think the success for us in Zillow has been using BoomTown to work those Zillow leads.

We funnel all of our lead sources in there; all of our past clients, really capturing the clients that we have and working in that sphere of influence, and the lead gen we pay for. We would not have been so successful if we hadn't put it through the BoomTown system, in my opinion.” 


Growth doesn’t come overnight, thankfully! Slow and steady growth with a trusted success partner is often what separates the good from the great. And Thomas Shumpert, NextHome Specialists is certainly proving to be one of the greats!