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Scott Shuman // Sue Adler Team

How do you move a thousand people forward a foot at a time, rather than moving one person forward a thousand feet?

Scott Shuman had a two-fold problem. The Sue Adler Team set an ambitious goal of $120 million in sales for 2014. Finding and handling the number of real estate leads it would take to reach that goal was problematic. Each client took up hours of an agent’s time. At anytime, only a percentage of leads were moving through the sales funnel.

The other side of Scott’s problem came from the sales staff, i.e. the agents. Every real estate team has its all-star agents. But it can be unhealthy for the team to be carried by one mega agent. What happens if that person leaves?


Solving Productivity Issues

Looking at the situation, Scott realized he needed to move a thousand people forward a foot at time, versus moving one person forward a thousand feet. The answer came from an irregular solution.

Normally, people start with human resources. “We need more agents.” But Scott turned the problem around. Instead of focusing on the agents, he focused on the leads — specifically, how they were handled. This is where he leveraged BoomTown.



Using the BoomTown Platform

To reach their goals, time needed to be saved handling leads (without sacrificing quality service). The first step was connecting previously separate systems. Their lead generation piped into their BoomTown website, which then converted leads and fed them into the BoomTown CRM. Every marketing stage was connected and information was recorded for Scott to see.


Because the BoomTown platform reduced effort from the sales-side, agents with the Sue Adler Team immediately reaped the rewards. More connections, and more closings.

The process was simple:

  1. Connect their systems for better information
  2. Organize and categorize leads for easy follow-up
  3. Automate their follow-up processes
  4. Monitor and track the results for better business decisions

What the Sue Adler Team experienced was life-changing. Agents weren’t overworked trying to meet their goals. They realized their goal was too low and aimed for even higher. In fact, their team saw $100 million in growth last year, all directly attributable to BoomTown.

Turning Knowledge into Power



Whether or not, if you have 2 agents or 200 agents, anyone can go into BoomTown and figure out in 5 minutes who’s in the database, how many leads have been generated, who is/isn’t following up with their leads, and so on.

This knowledge becomes your power. You can immediately see which agents are performing and which aren’t. You can calculate return on investment (ROI) and know what you need to reach your goals.

“We provide all the popcorn kernels. BoomTown provides the heat to make them pop. And when they pop, that’s a sale.” — Scott Shuman

By focusing on their leads (and how they were handled), Scott solved two problems at once. His all-star agents remained happy, because they received more leads and could handle them easily with BoomTown. By leveraging the information from BoomTown’s platform, they reduced work, opening up more time to handle a client’s needs. It was a win-win.

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