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Homes of Idaho Experiences Record Growth by Breaking the “One-Size-Fits-All” Mold

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Building a technical foundation that ensures the success of your agents, teams and brokerage, all at the same time, can be a daunting task. With so many moving pieces involved in a real estate transaction there is a sea of tech solutions to wade through to ensure your brokerage and each agent is empowered and bolstered up to succeed.Colby Lampman, a second-gen Broker/Owner of Homes of Idaho, knows how important it is to find and implement technology that is easy to use, fits culturally, and most importantly delivers results for every one of his agents.Colby took on the leadership role with the broker age in 2016 and helped the business grow from 15 agents to over 160 agents and 9 offices in four short years.


One Size Does Not Fit All

One big factor is his 20 years of real estate experience that helped him pinpoint a common struggle in other brokerages. “We don’t try to be a one-size-fits-all brokerage, or drink one cup of Kool Aid. There is not a single way to accomplish success, there are multiple paths,” shares Lampman. “Reaching all agents and all different levels, honing in on individuals and their strengths is critical.” Colby understood that newer agents have a different set of needs than veteran agents, teams have different needs than individual agents, and he needed tools that could cater to every type of user in his organization. Quick to identify that they had many different types of agents and needs led to a careful vetting process to seek out a technology solution that would seamlessly fit into the way all of their agents run their own individual businesses.

In addition, as the Homes of Idaho brokerage grew, the flaws with their previousCRM became more evident. “Our goal was to continue operating as a tight-knit team, but as we grew, we quickly realized that we needed a comprehensive tech platform that offered brokerage-level capabilities,” expressed Lampman. When introduced to the kvCORE Platform by Inside Real Estate, there were a number of features that stood out. “It’s ability to scale and grow with ease as our brokerage grows was a huge factor in our decision,” says Lampman, “and that, coupled with the ability to cater to all different types of agents and how they like to operate their business really set kvCORE apart.”

Create as Much Efficiency as Possible

“An all-in-one platform vision is what we need,” says Lampman. “Looking at everything separately will help you understand and appreciate the consolidation that kvCORE offers, and how everything works seamlessly together. You quickly see the upside of creating a customized tech stack for what your brokerage needs…all under one roof.”

“Creating efficiencies is critical,” says Lampman. “We needed tech that helps us better collaborate with our agents, and for our agents to better collaborate with their clients. With kvCORE we can reduce the amount of effort required on daily tasks and create efficiencies that save us money.”

Tech Consolidation is Key

The role of technology has been an essential piece to achieving rapid growth for Homes of Idaho. Not only were they able to accommodate brokerage, team and individual agent level needs, they were able to dramatically increase their tech offering while also reducing cost - thanks to tech consolidation.“We’ve been able to cut back on standalone niche products for video and testimonial marketing and lead gen,” shares Colby. “We experience cost savings from not needing to make additional hires to take on a role that the platform accomplishes automatically - such as assisting on social media content creation and posting, thanks to the kvCORE Marketplace products CORE ListingMachine and CORESocial, or nurturing leads until they are ready to connect with a live agent, thanks to add-on product CORE Concierge, a solution inside of kvCORE’s Marketplace which has eliminated the need to hire multiple ISA’s. My agents pay less for tech products that they would normally pay for on their own, which saves them both money and a lot of anxiety figuring out what they need to succeed,” says Lampman. “Our technology offering has made recruiting agents, all types of agents, easy.”

The Future is Tech

No more “one-size-fits-all out-of-the box” technology for Homes of Idado. With the vast training, resources and customization features that come along with kvCORE, they’ve been able to customize and tailor a platform to their needs, and provide individualized training to ensure the success of each of their agents. “We’ve been able to build our own tech ecosystem that fits our culture and brand, so even if another brokerage in our market is using kvCORE, it isn’t going to look like our kvCORE,” says Lampman. 

Going forward, Homes of Idaho has embraced technology as a vehicle to continue the successful growth and vision of the brokerage. “Culture, lead gen, collaboration, community and leadership are all factors, but technology is a big piece,” says Lampman. “All of the follow-up capabilities I have now through kvCORE are definitely helping to drive my business growth. It’s not the way I did real estate when I started, but tech is the now and the future and it’s more and more of our strategy, and more and more of our business will come from technology.”