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How Lance Donaldson Does it All… without having to actually 'do it all'

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Every real estate professional knows the entrepreneurial struggle of balancing the day-to-day busy work and tasks with heavy-hitting dollar-productive activities.

  • Busywork: Looking up client information, sending one-off emails, emailing or texting property alerts, checking in on past clients
  • Dollar-Productive Activities: listing appointments, hosting open houses, calling hot leads

Both are critical to a successful real estate business, but you only have so much time in the day. So how does Lance prioritize? Well, with kvCORE, he doesn’t have to. By handling the bulk of those “busy work” tasks for him, Lance can prioritize the high-value dollar productive activities that require his expertise and face time.

kvCORE just gets you there. And how simple it is to use, it tells you every day, these are the 10 things you need to do; these are the 10 people you need to contact today. Hey, these are the people that have been looking at your website since yesterday. Here are their emails, phone numbers, or whatever else you need. Contact them how you need to.

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