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Landing Pages: Your Secret Lead Conversion Weapon

In today’s hyper-digital world, agents need a winning online presence to sustain a successful real estate business. 


The best IDX websites are user-friendly, attractive, and filled with fresh listings. But, agents that want to take their websites to the next level to supercharge lead generation need to be leveraging custom landing pages. 


A landing page is a standalone page on your website. Think about your “About Us” page or each one of your online listings. 

Landing Pages are Super Powerful Lead Generation Tools 


Besides giving your website more pages — which boosts your SEO performance since you’re generating more search-able content — custom landing pages roll out the red carpet for leads. 


Landing pages allow for a more personalized experience when people visit your website. 


Landing pages offer something valuable to your website visitors in exchange for contact information. 


Creating landing pages gives agents the opportunity to include more contact forms and CTA’s. While you’re introducing a neighborhood that you service or highlight listings that are coming soon, you can prompt leads to submit their contact information to convert more online traffic into leads.

15 Examples of Landing Pages to Add to Your Site 


  • Home Valuation Page
  • Neighborhood Guides
  • Local Market Report 
  • First-Time Homebuyer Course (or eBook!)
  • “Coming Soon” Listings
  • Home Improvement Guides for Sellers
  • Contact Information for Municipal Service Providers 
  • Credit Repair Program 
  • Seller Lead-Specific Page
  • Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms
  • Blog Contact 
  • Client Reviews
  • Buyer/Seller FAQ 
  • Agent Career Highlights
  • Mortgage Information Guide 


Get creative with your selection of landing pages. This is your opportunity to directly speak with potential leads and show them why you should be their agent. 


Think about creative landing pages and content ideas that out-do what competing websites have to offer. 




Don’t think that building your landing pages is a task too big to handle. 


BoomTown allows you to create eye-catching custom landing pages with ease. Your BoomTown CRM includes all of the tools required to create sleek, customizable, targeted landing pages with contact forms in seconds. 


Working with BoomTown to create custom landing pages gives you the power to expand your brand, drive more traffic from your site to your CRM, and improve your SEO. 


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More Landing Pages Means More Conversion 


  • Companies that create 30 or more landing pages get 7 times more leads than those that use fewer than 10. 


#ProTip: Using videos on landing pages can improve conversion by 86%. 


When building your landing pages, include high-quality video content to accompany your text. These can be a visuals-only neighborhood tour or an agent-guided tour of the area. 


When sharing basic real estate advice and tips, agents can use video to introduce themselves to their clients. 


Recording short videos where you introduce yourself and discuss the topic of the landing page further can be a great way to create and share new content. You can also use these videos for your social media, blog, and email marketing campaigns. 


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Landing Pages are the Bridge Between Site Visitors and Leads


A landing page is the final stop before a site visitor becomes a lead. 


With your robust marketing campaign, you’re casting your net across a variety of channels — such as digital advertising, social media content, webinars, and billboards. 


You need those marketing efforts to drive lead traffic to a “landing spot,” where you can get their contact information and make a superb first impression. 





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How to Get Leads to Take the Leap: A Simple and Customized Experience


When you finally drive leads to your landing page, how do you get them to engage with your page and ultimately submit their contact information? 


Here’s a Marketing 101 Crash Course: The consumer holds the power. They can leave your site, or they can provide their name and email. Being able to accommodate consumer demands is critical for activating the power of your landing pages. 


In today’s market where instant gratification wins, your site visitors want your website to exceed their expectations. 


Internet users are used to targeted ads, gorgeous landing pages, and interactive apps. It’s your job as an agent to meet those demands and build a seamless, enjoyable experience. This is what will allow you to stay competitive with the “Zillows” in the industry. 


Providing a simple and customized experience is the key to getting leads to follow your calls-to-action and submit their contact information, consenting to open communications with you. 


When you’re building your landing pages and expanding your digital presence, ask yourself the following questions: 


  • Am I delivering a simple and customized experience? 
  • Is my site providing value beyond my competitors? 
  • Does my site invite visitors to browse more landing pages? 


Happy Website Building! 


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