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Master Class [Part 3]: Generate, Convert, and Retain Clients for Life



Real estate is a people business but there are fundamentals within that business that really can be boiled down to a rinse-repeat formula. These are the tactics and strategies that work time and time again, that the top producers in the industry swear by, and that are non-negotiable if you want to build a sustainable real estate business. 


For this Real Talk Master Class, we welcome three tenured experts from within our own BoomTown team. They share their respective insights for how to generate, convert, and retain clients for life! 


Meet Your Experts: 

  • Dotty Bell, Director of Digital Marketing
  • Adam Berns, Senior Director of Operations, Success Assurance
  • Ashley Mixon, Senior Manager Client Experience 


Day 3 with Ashley Mixon – Retain: White-glove service that scales

  • What to do during & before the prospecting stage
  • What to do during the transaction stage
  • Maintaining client relationships after the deal 
  • Delivering white-glove service without overextending yourself
  • Understanding the client experience & meeting consumer demands