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2024 Innovation Kickoff

To Our Clients, Partners and Industry

An official and hearty welcome to 2024!  

While I don’t know that real estate ever really has a “business as usual” (it hasn’t in my nearly 20 years in the business); if you’re like us, you felt a tangible shift in the market, momentum and the mindset as you stepped over the 2023 → 2024 threshold.

What I love about every new year is the fresh opportunity it presents to write your story.  You get to determine your outcomes, your results. This year, more than most, is one where these principles ring true.  This year, you’ll start to feel a breeze at your back, but it likely won’t be a strong trade wind yet.  You’ll have opportunities, but they won’t naturally overwhelm you.  This year, the victories and opportunities go to those who focus on their fundamentals.  This year, momentum goes to those who prove , through their commitment, their forward lean and their investment of energy and resources into their business.  

Races aren’t won on the straightaway or the downhill.  Rather, they are won on the turns and the uphills.  You beat your competition when the skill and commitment come into play.  Right now, we're rounding the turn of the track.  Those who are leaning in pull ahead of competition and set themselves up for what promises to be a momentum-building 2024.

As much as ever, we are proud to be your technology partner.  We take the role seriously.   This year, we’re focused on a few things for you.  This year, expect to be able to:

  • Work Smarter, and Lean In.  We’ve always led in AI, Automation and Insights, but this year, we’ll bring even more intelligent tech and simplified experiences to drive even more opportunities for you.  Expect to lean in and focus on your fundamentals - let those intelligent solutions be your partner in your business.  Your focus and the honing of your craft on your most important activities, will unfold engagement in your database and opportunities in your client base.
  • Differentiate on Top of Greatness.  This year, you’ll find even more ways to differentiate your business, your brand and your unique value props on top of the highest-rated tech solutions.  You can find more seamless integrations, more simple customization opportunities and more thoughtful workflows that allow you to create your truly unique ecosystem, without sacrificing anything.
  • See Your Platform Tech Drive the Full Home Ownership Lifecycle.  Your Back Office will get smarter.  The Front and Back Office will become even more seamlessly connected.  Importantly, you will unlock big opportunities for your clients and for yourself with leaps in tech and solutions around the full Home Ownership Journey.  We’re bringing the Front Office - Back Office - Home Ownership experience together more tightly than ever to unlock profitability and experiences that have not previously existed in the space.
  • Find & Align with Your People.  Your crew, your tribe - the ones that inspire and motivate you.  We’ll help you connect and find the community, connections and success network of like-minded people, with whom you can share strategies and create opportunities.  You’ll see us invest more resources and energy in making your community and support network as strong as the tech behind it.

On behalf of the entire Inside Real Estate team - thanks for allowing us to serve you.  We are your partner for life, and we are hungry for the opportunity that awaits. 

Let’s go get it!

-- Joe Skousen, CEO of Inside Real Estate