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Bobby Puim, REC Canada: "There's No Tool Like It"

Bobby Puim, REC Canada, shares why he chose #1-rated real estate solution, kvCORE, as the foundation to run his business.


"My name is Bobby Puim. I am the director of operations with REC Canada based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Every business needs a foundation. And the foundation that we've chosen to deploy is kvCORE.

There's no tool like it. There's nothing better than it. And incremental change in yourbusiness will happen for simply deploying it today. Like, you will just sell more.

We work a lot in we call it the pre-construction space. This is buildings that don't exist yet.You're buying the paper to then own something later. Somebody needs fill out areservation form.

Somebody then needs to be nurtured through a ten days due diligence period where theycan be introduced to a lawyer, a lender in order to get a mortgage pre approval on thispurchase. kvCORE allows me to do a hundred things all at once. That reservation formcreates their profile. When that profile is created, an automatic trigger happens to move toa smart campaign, that does the nurturing, introduction to a lawyer, introduction to thelender. The smart campaign triggers and does these things automatically.

I set it, forget it. We are the number one team in all of Canada for a reason. And I attribute alot of that to the ability that kvCORE has given to me to manage the team in that way. Theycome to our team for one thing and one thing alone, to sell real estate.

This allows them to do that, like no other system I've seen."