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Stop Losing Business Because You're Busy


It’s no secret -- agents are absolutely slammed right now. With buyer demand holding strong and markets across the country remaining hotter than ever, it can be tough to keep up with the urgent follow-ups, the showings, the bidding wars...the list goes on. 


What’s not cool, is losing business because you’re so busy. And whether they know it or not, agents everywhere are slowing down on their lead generation, backing off of their pipeline, and missing out on opportunities to make connections and lay the groundwork for tomorrow’s conversations and next year’s closed deals. 


Let’s start with productivity and covering your bases. You need to make sure you are running your business and it’s not the other way around. Start by taking a look at your daily activities.

  • Are you time blocking effectively?
  • Do you have clear, actionable goals?
  • If you’re leveraging a CRM (like the top-rated real estate CRM, BoomTown) are you be taking advantage of the daily To-Dos, automated marketing, and lead follow-up tools?

A Visual To-Do List for Real Estate Lead Follow-Up!
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In real estate, you are your business, so you should run the show like you’re the CEO. Determine what tasks are your high-dollar, high-value activities. Those are the things that you need to tackle yourself. But the kicker is that everything else is still important… and this is where your people and processes come into play. 


So, make a list of everything you should be doing to grow your business. What can you delegate to another person (ISA, admin, assistant, etc.)? What can you automate (eAlert listings to your database, automated marketing, digital advertising, etc.)? Anything left on the list that isn’t generating revenue or bringing you joy, just stop doing. 


Here are 3 ways your CRM can help you stay productive even when you’re busy. 


  1. Automated marketing. Technology allows us to be in two places at once. You can send that personalized email with best-fit properties for a prospective lead while being out in the field doing a showing or giving a listing presentation. With BoomTown, agents are able to automate eAlerts (fresh, personalized listing data), SmartDrip campaigns, and even digital advertising campaigns. So you can take advantage of this hot market and double down on lead generation without having to dedicate hours of time to prospecting. 
  2. Leverage real-time insights. Does your technology let you know who exactly you should be reaching out to and when? For example, Mary Homebuyer is browsing your site right now and she’s favorited two properties and forwarded one to her husband. Or, Andy Homebuyer just registered on your site and he indicated that he also has a home to sell. You should be reaching out to these leads as soon as possible!


“For us, the Opportunity Wall is huge. Our agents, three times a day, live on that Wall. To be able to see when a client is on your website shopping, to know that they favorited a property, to know how many times they've clicked on one specific property, shows their motivation to buy... And our agents love it. As soon as they see if somebody has favorite a property a fourth or fifth time, they’ll pick up the phone, call them, and ask, “Hey, would you like to schedule a time to see that property? It seems like you're in love with it because you're dating it online. Let's go ahead and get something going here, and we can see if you guys are fit for each other." And it always breaks the ice and gets that agent on the phone. So the Opportunity Wall is probably one of my favorite features of BoomTown.” - Tim Caudill, Florida Life Real Estate Group

3. Use a Lead Concierge System. Those leads we just mentioned are hot, and the best time to engage with them is while they’re still showing interest. But what happens if they are favoriting properties while you’re in a meeting. Or it’s 4 in the morning. This is exactly why BoomTown built their Lead Concierge System, Success Assurance. Acting as an extension of your team, a Lead Concierge (real people, no bots!) will reach out, qualify, and engage leads on your behalf, 24/7. And they’ll continue to nurture those leads and pass them off to you once they’re ready to chat!

The name of the game is putting people and processes in place to help you lay the groundwork for future business. That’s the difference between a proactive business and a reactive business. It’s the difference between agents who are flying by the seat of their pants and agents who are building long-term sustainable businesses. Remember that the market can (and will) shift at any moment! Make sure you’re the agent who prepared for next year today.