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The Best Performing Real Estate Facebook Ads

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We are cruising through the summer buying season, and with June behind us, it’s time to take another look at some of our Facebook digital advertising data. (Giving you insights into how to nail your Facebook advertising strategy.)
Let’s first take another look at our COVID-19 impact analysis to see how June’s campaigns have been affected. In the chart below, you’ll see a dataset showing a comparison of May and June’s results.

A Look at the Numbers

• CPC = Cost-Per-Click
• CTR = Click-Through-Rate
• CPL = Cost-Per-Lead
• CVR = Lead Conversion Rate


To review our insights from the February to May, view this blog post: Facebook advertising trends and tips for real estate agents during COVID-19

May to June Comparison:

Lead conversion rates (CVR) continue to climb month over month, signaling a high level of intent from people clicking on ads. Even with the climbing lead conversion rates, cost per lead (CPL) remains low. Fortunately, this positive trend shows that consumer demand is still prevalant during these typically busy summer months!

Top Performing Facebook Ad Campaigns in June


1. Dynamic Remarketing ad generates 74 new leads and re-engages 233 leads using only 12,000 ad impressions

Sonny Downey with EXIT Real Estate Gallery, once again, has the listing program with the lowest cost per lead. His campaign brought in an impressive 182 leads with under 12,000 ad impressions. Sonny uses a monthly subscription with Marketing Central’s Dynamic Remarketing blueprint to continually serve the most relevant listings in ads to users who are browsing his website.


The Results
⦁ 74 new leads and 233 re-engaged leads across 1 ad
⦁ 11,815 impressions
⦁ $4.05 CPL
⦁ 2.22% CVR
⦁ $0.02 CPC
⦁ 28.22% CTR

2. Single Listing Ad Generates An Extremely High 11.81% Lead Conversion Rate

Luis C Lozano Padierna’s Team with Premium Orlando Properties used “just listed” in the ad text and generated impressive results. The ad’s click-through rate was just shy of an astronomical 10%, signaling a high amount of intent from home buyers in his local market.


The Results
⦁ 45 leads across 1 ad
⦁ 3,836 impressions
⦁ $1.28 CPL
⦁ 11.81% CVR
⦁ $0.15 CPC
⦁ 9.93% CTR

3. Video Ad Generates 4,200 Views and 10 New Leads

Maurice French with Omni Realty Now got creative with Marketing Central’s “Build Your Own Ad” blueprint and used a highly effective video to promote his listing. Teasing the audience with a “low monthly payment” callout in the ad text was also a likely contributor to the success of the ad!


The Results
⦁ 10 new leads across 1 ad
⦁ 12,156 impressions
⦁ $20.50 CPL
⦁ 4% CVR
⦁ $0.39 CPC
⦁ 4.28% CTR

4. Promoting an Open House with Custom “Build Your Own Ad” (Plus Emojis!)

A recent study on Facebook Ads showed that using emojis in a Facebook post can increase likes by 57% and comments and shares by 33%.
So it’s no surprise why this ad performed so well! Kristin Wilkinson with South West Florida RE Group calls attention to her Open House day and time by mentioning it in the Ad Headline and surrounding it with sunshine emojis. She also emphasizes the call-to-action “open link” with a hand emoji, drawing your eye right to it.


This creativity led to 9 people sharing the ad with their social networks, and an astonishingly low cost per click of $0.18!

Building a Strong Digital Presence

The data continues to show that there is demand on Facebook. Now is the perfect opportunity to invest in your business’ digital presence. Even as COVID-19 subsides and things settle back into a closer version of what we’re used to, digital client interactions will still be happening. And many practices have likely changed forever.

Marketing Central, from BoomTown, makes it easier than ever to create and promote your own advertising campaigns with just a few clicks. You can connect your Facebook business page to sync your name and brand with every ad and set your own budget. Once the campaign starts, use our built-in reporting to check the results!
Not only can promoting a listing get you more leads, it’s also a great way to show your listing clients what you’re doing to get more exposure to their property. Learn more!

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