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The Power of Personal Branding in Real Estate: Building Your Reputation and Authority

To ensure your real estate business can succeed, thrive, and is built to last, it needs to be bolstered by a strong personal brand. Having a personal brand in real estate separates you from the competition, builds trust and credibility, establishes authority early on, and helps you build — and reinforce — your reputation as an agent.

The Importance of Personal Branding in a Competitive Market

Your personal brand isn’t just a nice bonus to have as part of your marketing. It’s a requirement to stand out in a market full of competition. In your local market, you’re up against countless other real estate agents and pros. To prevent your business from blending in and getting missed by your target audiences, you need personal branding to stand out and get noticed more often.

Your personal brand is what sets you apart and carves out your own local market presence. It’s what makes potential clients go with you, rather than the other agent that pops up when they Google agents in their ZIP code. Your personal brand is also what allows consumers in your market and nearby areas to remember who you are, what you offer, and how your business looks and feels to them before they even work with you. This is where your personal brand grows awareness of your reputation, and provides a lead-in to demonstrating your authority.

To capture consumers’ attention when they’re searching for an agent in their area, a great place to start is your real estate website. Don’t stress about starting from scratch — with the kvCORE platform, you can get easy-to-use, customizable IDX websites. These websites boast real-time MLS integration, a search function that looks just like the big online portals, SEO optimization, and mobile-friendly design. With kvCORE’s IDX websites, you can easily ensure your personal brand stands out when consumers find you.

Crafting a Unique Brand Identity that Resonates with Clients

A major component to having a personal brand that stands out from local market competition is two-fold. You need to ensure you have a unique brand identity, and this same unique standpoint needs to resonate with your target audience. What types of clients do you typically serve? What sets you apart from other agents that work with that same type of client? What knowledge, know-how, or superpower do you know you have that other agents don’t? Answering these questions will help you get clear on defining the uniqueness of your personal brand’s identity. It’ll also help you view it through your clients’ eyes, so you can ensure it truly resonates with them. You can also understand how to showcase and reinforce your reputation as an agent and inspire them to work with you.

As you start carving out the unique side of your personal brand, you can show it off with ease in your client communications. The kvCORE platform allows you to seamlessly share customized video messaging within your campaigns at no additional cost. CORE Video and CORE Voicemail Drop are powered by BombBomb, so you can pre-record video messages for email, along with voicemail messages that go out automatically in your campaigns with CORE Voicemail Drop.

Strategies for Promoting Your Brand Through Digital and Traditional Channels

Once you get into the groove of your own distinct personal brand that your target audience can identify with, it’s time to get them inspired to actually interact with your brand. Enter: your marketing strategy. Promoting your brand doesn’t have to consist of a ton of moving parts. Nearly all consumers start their home search online, so your personal brand’s digital presence is more important than ever. What if you could get behavior-driven, super-relevant, and optimized multi-channel campaigns? No, you don’t need to hire a marketer or marketing agency — simply use the kvCORE platform.

Imagine a world where you can put your multi-channel marketing on autopilot. kvCORE leverages behavioral automation to deliver stunning, relevant, and timely content based on your contact’s own behavior. In addition to campaigns, the platform will automate real-time Listing Alerts and send your database engaging Market Reports to keep you top of mind without having to hover over your keyboard. 

Promoting your personal brand doesn't end on digital platforms. Traditional marketing and promotional methods still hold weight for consumers. Your open houses will always need flyers and signage, and mailers are a valuable tactic, especially with direct mail — nearly 70% of consumers engage with direct mail each week. Believe it or not, you can manage your offline campaign assets with kvCORE, too. The platform has a massive library of customizable, pro-level designed print marketing pieces in its integrated Print Center. You can easily create a variety of key print assets that match your personal brand perfectly in minutes.

If you want to give your personal brand in real estate a boost with intelligent, automated, customizable marketing, take a closer look at the kvCORE platform. To get a demo of kvCORE and see how it can bolster your personal brand, click here.