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Master Class with Andrew McCargar Part 3: Leveraging Profits into True Wealth

Whether you’re a single agent just starting out in real estate or you’re an experienced broker or team leader, this Master Class is going to deliver value. Generating real estate business is one thing, but scaling it into a sustainable profit model is next-level and that’s precisely what Andrew McCargar (CEO & Co-founder of Elite Home Advisors) is going to coach you on during this three-session class. 

Day 3: Leveraging Profits into True Wealth

  • Grow your vertical income streams
  • Vendor Marketing Agreements
  • Why Wholesale? This is your first vertical
  • Ethical Investing - creating the Win/Win
  • How an investor-first mindset ultimately is what your clients really need
  • The long game to wealth
  • Building opportunities within your team to increase retention and buy-in

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