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Why Real Estate Agents Should Be Prioritizing Meaningful Outreach

Not all follow-up is good follow-up! 


It’s 2022 and consumer demand is high. People expect Amazon speed combined with boutique service. That means instant gratification, customization, and best-in-class concierge services. 


Your outreach needs to be specific, high-converting — and never generic or impersonal. 


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Creating Custom, Lead-Specific Outreach 


In today’s market, you need to be “listening” to what your leads are doing online. You should know how they’re engaging with your site, allowing you to send them a customized outreach based on their activity. 


For example, if you know that a prospect is spending more time on the landing pages with one of your property listings — continually visiting, scrolling, and spending large amounts of time on the page — you’d understand that they are favoring this property over competing options. 


Access to your website data can help you leverage value-driven outreach plans. 


When you do follow up with that lead, you can promote the listing that they have been eyeing and prompt them to set up an appointment with you to discuss their position further. 


Do This →


You might send an outreach email saying: 


“Hello! If you’re planning on buying a home in X market, you should check out this listing. It includes all of the amenities and features that you mentioned you’re looking for, and it’s at a great price. 

To help us better understand your specific needs and circumstances as a homebuyer, would you like to set up an appointment? We can speak more about X listing and develop a custom strategy to see if purchasing that listing is a viable investment for you. 

Text or call me at (XXX) XXX-XXXX, or send me an email so we can book a quick meeting. Looking forward to hearing from you!” 


Not That →


Compare this targeted, hyper-focused email that speaks to the lead’s existing preferences to a bland, generic email asking them to browse the listings on your site. 

Pro Tip: Always prioritize value. Your outreach needs to grab the attention of your website traffic and offer them something of real value. 

Including the address and photos of the listing that one of your leads seems to be interested in is more likely to increase the efficiency of your follow-up. 


By offering them the chance to speak with you about their ability to purchase the house, the lead has a lot to gain by making the appointment with you — and you’re one step closer to landing a new deal. 


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Using Meaningful Outreach to Build Relationships 


You already know that capturing a lead’s business typically comes after multiple touchpoints. As you’re moving your leads through the sales funnel, meaningful outreach will give you to chance to build trust, credibility, and provide a preview of your services. 


Let’s say one of your internet leads is spending a lot of time online calculating a loan. If you’re observing how your internet traffic is behaving on your website, you’d be aware of their focus on loan-related topics — giving you a strong edge to move forward with. 


When it’s time for you to reach out to that lead, you can speak directly to their needs. Even if they are not yet ready to buy, you can offer them helpful tips and information about financing their upcoming purchase. 


Do This →

You’d be able to send an outreach email saying: 

“Hello! I hope your home buying preparations are going well. I wanted to share a few helpful pieces of information regarding mortgage loans and home financing. 

Did you know that there are loans with low down payment requirements and low-interest rates for qualifying buyers? I’ve attached resources with more information that may help you. I’ve also included a list of questions that you should ask as you’re looking for a lender to work with. 

If you have any specific questions or would like guidance as you take the first steps to secure financing, I would love to assist you. 

Let’s book an appointment to speak soon. I’ve copied my upcoming availabilities below. Let me know what works for you and we’ll move forward. I’ll bring additional loan resources to our meeting as they will help you moving forward.” 


Not That →

If you had just sent an outreach email about your home buying and selling services, you would have missed out on the chance to touch on a real, pressing concern of your lead. 

Pro Tip: Even when you share helpful resources and real estate guides in an outreach email, always offer more with the catch of booking an appointment with you. This will incentivize your leads to keep their appointments since they’ll receive custom tips and information by attending. 

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