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BoomTown Announces Direct Integration with Sisu Accountability Solution

CHARLESTON, S.C., December 8, 2020 — BoomTown, the leading sales and marketing platform for real estate professionals, is excited to announce a direct integration with Sisu, a performance management and business intelligence platform that helps real estate professionals take advantage of their data. The integration will allow users to leverage the powerful data in their BoomTown CRM to create real-time performance leaderboards and motivational tools to drive productivity without requiring any data export or third-party integration.


“Top-producing agents, teams, and brokers ensure everything is measured, analyzed, and optimized in their businesses, and we noticed many of our clients were finding success leveraging their BoomTown CRM and Sisu’s software,” said Grier Allen, CEO & President of BoomTown. “We wanted to make that simpler and more seamless, for them, and help them leverage even deeper insights and tools without the need for duplicate entry, so I couldn’t be more excited about this direct integration that delivers all of that and more.”


The integration, provided at no cost to BoomTown clients, allows users to bi-directionaly sync their leads, agent activities, and transaction data between BoomTown’s CRM platform and Sisu’s software. The data is then displayed in leaderboards for television display, real-time dashboards, and sales contests, visualizing these metrics to help agents pace with their team and brokerage goals in an engaging and effective manner that is proven to drive productivity. Complex transactions and heavy workloads are simplified with drag-and-drop task boards, as well as customer-created forms, fields, notifications and task templates. Back office reporting is simplified with intuitive auto-generated reports and commission management tools, to provide complete pipeline management and reporting from lead generation to closed transaction.


“The industry has been asking for a lead-to-close platform since I entered the industry six years ago, and together with BoomTown, we are exactly that,” said Brian Charlesworth, Founder and CEO of Sisu. “Our Growth Automation Software makes managing sales teams and administrative teams seamless, and turns team owners and broker owners into great leaders.”


Users can make data-driven decisions across their entire real estate transaction cycle timeline. The direct integration also provides automatic:

  • Creation of a transaction in Sisu when leads hit specific categories (like “hot” or “pending”)
  • Inclusion of BoomTown communication activity into Sisu’s solution
  • Bi-directionaly synced appointment data (Set, Met) between Sisu and BoomTown
  • Closed Transaction data bi-directionaly synced between Sisu and BoomTown


Further optimization of the integration will include historical pull capabilities and in-depth lead source ROI reporting.


About BoomTown
BoomTown exists to make real estate agents successful. 40k+ of the industry’s top professionals, and 40% of the Real Trends Top 250 teams, trust BoomTown to grow their real estate business with easy-to-use technology that creates opportunities and turns them into closings. Capabilities include a customizable real estate website integrated with local MLS data, client success management, a cutting-edge CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system with custom marketing automation, personalized advertising and lead generation services, and a mobile app for agents on the go. BoomTown’s service offerings extend far beyond technology with coaching services from peers who have catapulted their growth with the system, lead qualification services to contact, qualify, and nurture leads, and dedicated advisors to offer personalized support at every step from onboarding and training to optimizing your business and planning for strategic growth. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Charleston, SC, BoomTown has additional offices in Atlanta, GA and San Francisco, CA. For more about BoomTown visit

About Sisu

Sisu is the complete sales and recruiting Growth Automation Software platform for real estate and mortgage. It was developed as a tool to simplify the tracking of sales metrics, provide critical analysis of those numbers, and gamify the entire real estate and mortgage sales experience. We have evolved to provide a central hub of real estate and mortgage sales transactions; consolidating disparate systems into one common view, while also managing commissions and tasks. While we love motivating and managing by data, our passion lies in motivating sales and admin teams by encouraging healthy competition and accountability. We want all of our users to reach their goals by understanding exactly what is needed in order to do so. Every sales environment could use more grit, determination, perseverance, and courage. In addition, with over 27K vendors on Sisu’s platform, we are focused on being the centralized ecosystem for real estate and its ancillary industries to communicate and collaborate. For more information visit ​​.

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