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Top 4 Tips for Today’s Recruiting

With everything that’s going on in the real estate industry today, many agents are jumping ship for a more stable market. 


If you’re a team leader, it’s up to you to make sure that your real estate business is still able to retain and attract top talent. 


For your business to grow and thrive, you need to hold on to the amazing agents you already have and attract new talent to empower your team. 


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Remember, there’s an opportunity in this market to set your real estate team apart from the rest. 


It’s likely that there are many single agents out there looking for the safety net of a stable team or brokerage. If you can provide a hedge from the market turbulence, you can lock in new talent that can help grow your business.


To do that, you’ll need to follow today’s top four recruiting tips. 

#1. Prioritize the Success of Your Agents 


When mapping out the next best move for their careers, agents want to work for leaders that care about their success. In today’s world of company culture, success is more than transactional — it considers lifestyle, wellness, and happiness. 


If you make it a point to prioritize the holistic success of your agents, you’ll improve your ability to retain and attract the market’s top talent. 


  • The best way to retain your talent is to make sure that your team members are happy and are cultivating success as a member of your team. 
  • The best way to attract new talent is to give agents looking for a new place to call home the opportunity to build a successful career and the lifestyle they want to live


When your agents are empowered, they’ll be better equipped to generate success for your business. If they choose to stay with your business, it will be a success that lasts — and that’s what brings a team to the next level. 




6 Ways to Help Agents Achieve Success

  1. Provide the tools and resources they need to streamline their daily workflows. 
  2. Offer industry training opportunities. 
  3. Invest in the latest technologies. 
  4. Mentor your agents, sharing your insights, experience, and knowledge. 
  5. Create a team culture of open communication. 
  6. Offer attractive benefits that support their household, health and wellness, and lifestyle. 

#2. Don’t Only Look at Experience Level 


When sourcing new talent, prioritize agents that bring a unique edge to your business. 


Hire for what your team needs. Look at the skills and training that an agent brings to the table, not just the number of years they have under their belts.


There may be candidates trained in a specific niche, or with a background that gives them a specialized perspective on the market. Think about the skills that would be the most valuable to your team and pursue them. 


In many cases, this may be more effective in choosing the right candidate than simply hiring the agent with the greatest number of years on their resume. 


Pro Tip: Hiring new talent gives your team the chance to nurture promising agents. 


If you do onboard a new agent, make sure that you support them as they get accustomed to their new roles and responsibilities. This gives team leaders the opportunity to mentor the younger generation of real estate professionals. Pass along your knowledge and insights!  

#3. Take Hiring Slow and Don’t Rush the Process


The real estate business is fast-tracked, and it can be difficult to take it slow when recruiting. If there’s a gap in your team’s operations and you need to fill it, it’s natural to rush and strive to get the quickest person in the position. 


In these cases, it’s best to think from a long-term perspective. What’s going to be the best for your business —the wrong fit who can start immediately, or the ideal candidate that takes a little longer to sign? 


Pro Tip: Even when you find the perfect new employee, don’t make the mistake of rushing onboarding. Help new hires kick off a successful new role by investing time in training and introducing them to the business. 



#4. Always Follow Up with Candidates


Don’t think that the applicant always has to make the first move to stay in touch. Many businesses miss out on the chance to onboard great candidates because they break the stream of communication and don’t follow up. 


Just like your real estate leads, your applicants might need several touchpoints before responding to you. You never know what’s on their plate that may be distracting them from getting back in touch with you to take the next steps. 


You never know, your next best employee might be just a phone call, email, or text message away. Wouldn’t it be worth it to reach out and see? 


Pro Tip: Automate your recruiting follow-up by leveraging your CRM! 


Add your applicants as contacts in the recruiting bucket and tag their contact. This allows you to leverage bulk outreach, helping to save you time as you stay connected with professionals during the application process. 


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