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The Seller Lead Master Class with Nick McLean (Part 2)

Click here to watch Part 1.

Get ready to refresh your seller lead strategy & supercharge the listing side of your real estate business… because this is the Seller Lead Master Class! 

Meet Your Expert: 

🎙Nick McLean: Elite Real Estate Coach with Jon Cheplak's Select Coaching, Owner of Nick McLean Real Estate Group (which sells over 500 homes a year and $250 million in sales volume), Former Wildland Firefighter, Ice Road Trucker, Boeing 747 Flight Crewmember, and Competitive XC Mountain Bike Racer. (Yes, really!)


➡️ Day 1: How to Generate Seller Leads

  • Don’t just beat the competition but avoid it in the first place
  • Understand the 8 different types of sellers
  • Reach sellers before your competition does
  • Craft your message to a specific lead type 


➡️ Day 2: How to Convert 8 Types of Seller Leads

  • Work with leads that will gladly pay you the top rate you’re worth
  • Understanding the psychology of the types of sellers
  • Tailor your listing presentation to the 8 types of sellers
  • Leverage proven conversion strategies that work