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No Listings? No Problem. Drive Business with Dynamic Remarketing Ads

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As we continue cruising through the summer months, our data shows that a few digital advertising strategies have effectively unlocked an unusually high amount of buyer and seller demand. Demand in the real estate market that has likely built up due to COVID-19. And even if you don’t have a listing to promote, this is no time to sit on the sidelines!
The Dynamic Remarketing ads found in BoomTown’s Marketing Central are built on top of Facebook’s “Real Estate Ads” product that tap into Facebook’s powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning. Unlike single listing or multiple listing ads that are designed to promote your unique listings, these ads are designed to attract buyers using listings from the MLS.

Marketing Central


It’s now easier than ever to create highly effective Facebook & Instagram advertising campaigns. Marketing Central, from BoomTown automates both ad creation and audience targeting, helping agents get more leads and deliver value to listing clients.
• No more uploading photos or copy-pasting descriptions.
• No frustrations with disapproved ads or poor results.
How Does It Work?
Through Marketing Central you can create and promote your own advertising campaigns with just a few clicks. You can connect your Facebook business page to sync your name and brand with every ad and set your own budget. Once the campaign starts, use our built-in reporting to check the results! Not only can promoting a listing get you more leads, it’s also a great way to show your listing clients what you’re doing to get more exposure to their property.


How Dynamic Remarketing Ads Work

When people search on your website for listings, Marketing Central’s Dynamic Remarketing program will identify the listing attributes that your website visitor is searching for. These attributes are sent to Facebook so similar listings can be automatically included in remarketing ads.
Traffic generated from these ads are sent to your website where visitors are prompted to register to view listings on your website. The lead data is then captured into BoomTown’s marketing automation system for follow up and lead nurturing.

2 Dynamic Remarketing Blueprints (in Marketing Central)

Marketing Central offers two powerful Dynamic Remarketing blueprints to help you grow your business by generating new leads and re-engage existing leads. Audiences for these blueprints are automatically created by Boomtown CRM syncing all of your lead and website visitor data directly into Marketing Central.
Engage Non-Registered Users: This blueprint targets website visitors that have not yet registered. Recommended listings are served to the visitor on Facebook based on the listings they are searching and viewing on your website. Your existing leads are automatically excluded, this focuses your ad spend to push website visitors across the line and convert them to leads.
Re-Engage Registered Leads: This blueprint offers a sophisticated solution to target your existing leads lists in a two-in-one approach. The blueprint will automatically divide your budget among each of the below techniques.

1) Existing leads that have recently been to your website will be targeted with dynamic listing carousels based on the listing attributes that they are browsing and searching for.
2) Existing leads that have not recently been searching for listings on your website won’t have the search attribute data needed to power the previous technique. These leads will receive dynamic listing carousels using listings based on the leads location and other factors to help serve the right listing to the right user.


Activate Dynamic Remarketing in 3 Simple Steps


Step 1: Click on the “Dynamic Remarketing “icon from the Marketing Central dashboard

Step 2: Enter your ad text and headline

Step 3: Set your budget

Step 4: Review and click Purchase. Your program will be activated automatically and you will start seeing performance results within 24 hours.


Pro Tip: Dynamic Remarketing programs continually (and automatically) update the listings used in the ads, making them prime candidates for a monthly subscription. Try setting a monthly subscription (Available in $150, $300, $500, $700, $1,000, $1,500 programs) to ensure you have consistent exposure to your local market throughout the summer buying season.

Combining Facebook’s “Real Estate Ads” program that uses advanced AI and ML to create highly relevant ad creative with BoomTown’s two powerful Dynamic Remarketing blueprints is a winning formula. Use this program to generate leads and awareness in your local market!

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