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4 Tips for "Spring Cleaning" Your Real Estate Business

Spring has sprung — and it’s time to jumpstart the efficiency of your real estate business. 


The spring season presents a can’t-miss opportunity for real estate agents to get organized and prepare their businesses for the hot summer market. 


Here are four tips on what to clean up, improve upon, and get rid of as we kick off spring of 2022. 

#1. Make Sure Your Database is Cleaned Up and Current 


Setting yourself up for success this spring is easier when you’ve cleaned out your database. If you want your CRM to do its best work, you’ll need to make sure that all of your contacts are current and every outreach strategy is up-to-date. 


Pro Tip: You don’t need to do everything at once. Instead, divide the effort into smaller tasks to help you achieve the greatest results. 


BoomTown’s 90-Day Database Cleanse can help get your BoomTown database into a healthy place, breaking down a larger process into a one-task-per-week system. 


When following BoomTown’s protocols, you will: 


  • Organize your database
  • Eliminate obstacles to maximum performance
  • Build better habits to attract, nurture, and convert your leads
  • Adopt additional strategies to make your CRM shine! 


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#2. Update Your SmartDrip Marketing Campaigns


Your SmartDrip marketing campaigns are likely in need of a refresher before the summer rolls around. Take the time to ensure that your email outreach strategies are current, updated, and ready to lock in business for the rest of the year. 




First off, make sure that all of your leads are on a relevant, active drip campaign. Each of your database contacts should be tagged according to their position along the sales funnel, identifying those that are: 


  • Deal ready 
  • Past clients
  • Searching a few months out
  • Searching a few years out
  • Looking, but not ready to act


Including follow-up tags, such as “first-time buyer,” “downsizing retiree,” and “investment property” can further break up your database contacts. 


Once these groups have been created, you can build custom email drip campaigns to leverage bulk actions. This process will help you organize your CRM and make sure that everyone in your sphere is receiving customized emails from you on a regular basis. 


Pro Tip: Don’t forget to reach out to your leads that have paused their drip plans. Sending a quick follow-up email checking in on them and asking if they’d like to resume communications with you is a great way to get them back on track. 


For leads that have completed their drip plans, but did not convert, send them a quick email asking if they have any questions or if a new circumstance arose that impacts their upcoming transaction. Review the lead’s data to see if you can add them to a new drip plan, or if they need to be placed in a different category.

#3. Take a Refresher Course on Systems Training 


There may be new updates or system upgrades available within some of the technologies you have access to. Make sure that you’re not missing out on anything new — or forgetting to apply something you’ve learned before — by dedicating time to a quick systems training refresher course. 


Involving your entire team can help ensure that nothing is being missed and that everyone is on the right track with their tech usage. 


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#4. Audit Your Tools and Focus on Streamlining 


If you haven’t audited your tech stack lately, now is the right time to ensure that your tools are optimized for the rest of the year. 


When reviewing your tools, make sure that you’re leveraging smart integrations and streamlining everywhere possible. By passing off some repetitive, tedious, time-consuming tasks to technology, you can free up more of your time to dedicate to active clients and deal-making. 




Besides boosting your day-to-day productivity, smart tools can also improve the effectiveness and ROI potentials of the areas of your workflow being streamlined. 


For example, letting a built-in Lead Concierge service (like BoomTown’s Success Assurance) monitor your entire database will give you access to more insights that can be leveraged to improve lead outreach. 


Since a tech tool is “watching” the online behavior of your leads, you will be informed on the best strategies to apply when following up. 


You’d be able to speak to the custom, personal concerns of the individual — whether it’s budgeting, affordability, or finding the right home that checks off their wishlist — helping you lead with value. 


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