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Ready for the Busy Season? How to Crush the Summer Real Estate Market

Summer is right around the corner — and as the temperatures are rising, the housing market is heating up, too. 


With the national market experiencing particularly high buyer demand, it’s going to be a busy season for real estate agents! To help you prepare for the upcoming rush, here are a few strategies you can adopt to ensure that you’re crushing your local summer market. 

#1. Get Ahead of Seasonal Trends and Market Data 


Clients need current, up-to-date information to make the best decisions. As an agent, your buyer and seller clients will be depending on you to provide them with the insights required to strategize their transactions. 


It’s a great time to study seasonal trends expected to impact the summer market, as well as data from your local market. This way, you’ll be prepared to answer questions and guide clients based on hard data and market analysis. 


Pro Tip: We know you’re busy assisting your active clients and may not have the time to dig through industry news releases and data. Save time and boost your efficiency by leveraging a tool like Keeping Current Matters


Keeping Current Matters is a great educational resource for agents. Users are provided with engaging real estate market data that can easily be converted into shareable content such as blogs, graphics for your social media page, and videos. 


The best part is that the content produced by KCM is personally branded to you, allowing you to share customized content that wow’s clients every time. 


#2. Host Fun Events for Clients 


Engaging your sphere is crucial during hot market periods. This summer, make sure that you’re staying top of mind with the new prospects and past clients in your CRM to help funnel more business opportunities your way. 


One way to engage your network is to make your open houses fun. Think outside of the box to consider: 


  • How can you encourage more buyers to attend your open houses? 
  • What can you do to ensure more people hear about your open house? 
  • What unique value can you provide to create a memorable experience for buyers? 


For example, you might want to have a refreshing drink station set up in the kitchen with trendy mocktails and champagne. Not only will this delight guests, but it will also actively stage the kitchen — so buyers will be able to feel what it would be like to actually live in the home. You can also set up appetizers and bite-sized snacks. 


Or, you can run a raffle for attendees to win a prize. Perhaps you can collaborate with local small businesses in your market to offer gift cards or products as a prize. 


Pro Tip: In addition to your schedule of open houses, you can also host social events for your clients. This can be a great way to get your sphere together and build a community around your business. 


Consider renting out a bar when a popular sports event is being aired and offer to buy the first drink for all attendees. Or, host a family-friendly event by bringing catering and games to a local park during the afternoon. 


Send the invite out to your CRM and request that guests RSVP in advance so you can prepare enough refreshments and activities for everyone. 


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#3. Automate Lead Gen and Follow Up 


Will you be taking a summer vacation? Don’t let your business slack while you’re spending time out in the sun with family. Make sure that your lead generation and follow-up are covered while you’re OOO. 


Leveraging automated nurture campaigns will help you keep your sales funnel active while you’re enjoying some time off. BoomTown’s Success Assurance ensures that no leads are left behind. With Success Assurance, your leads are qualified 24/7, and leads are nurtured for at least one year by our team of marketing experts. 


You’ll be able to access more deals without missing out on summer fun. 


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Seller’s Market 101: How to Generate Listings When Inventory is Low 


Inventories may be low this summer, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t generate listing opportunities for your buyer clients. 


A great strategy to help you generate more listings is to reach out to your buyer leads that are already homeowners. In many cases, buyers shopping for a new home will be selling their existing home when they move. 


By reaching out to buyers and inquiring about a future sale, you can gain access to off-market listing opportunities that can potentially match the needs of one of your buyer clients. Plus, you might be able to access a referral! 


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Good luck this summer, agents!